Aaron Tippin
Aaron Tippin and Weightlifting

'You're not challenging anyone else but yourself.' ~ Aaron Tippin

Tippin, Aaron
Photo Credits:  Country Weekly
30 Jul 1996
Aaron Tippin is a prime example of the dedication, focus and determination it takes to be successful with bodybuilding.  Even with his busy, hectic schedule, he has always taken the time to include weight training; I'm sure we would be sorely pressed to keep pace with his schedule, both on the road and off.

To quote Aaron:

"I feel so good in the achievement I've made.  It's made me realize I can do more in life that I think I can.  I take a lot of pride in the fact I have the endurance and stamina to change my body."

Watch Aaron on stage and the results are obvious.  But, I would venture to say, not all the results are so apparent.  The same focus and determination that allowed Aaron to change his body, has also allowed him the ability to endure the rigors of a successful music career in a mighty tough industry.















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Jan 08, 2004

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