Aaron Tippin
Men's Exercise Photos ~ Dec 1992

'You're not challenging anyone else but yourself.' ~ Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin


Aaron Tippin
Aaron Tippin

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'Celebrity Profile:  Aaron Tippin:  Country Music and Bodybuilding Star'

Photo Credits: Tyler Cox, Men's Exercise, Dec 1992

Tippin's Tips For Successful Training

Country singer/songwriter Aaron Tippin, who has trophies at bodybuilding competitions, works out six days a week to maintain a strong physique.  Over the years, he has learned a few things that have helped him reach a higher level of fitness.  His tips for successful training are:

*  Work out with a training partner.  "If you want to grow, you've gotta do that rep you cannot do," he says.  "That's why you need a partner; to force that last rep on through."

*  Vary your workout routine.  "That's one of the mistakes I made:  stayin' with routines too long," Tippin recalls.  "You've gotta change it.  Go do something different.  the most important thing to me is constant change."

*  Seek the advice of successful athletes around you; then develop a training "formula" for yourself.  "I think every bodybuilder does this," says Tippin.  "And you just have to figure all this out.  It's all a science."

*  Stick with training.  Just keep at it," he advises.  "Keep poundin' it, you know?  Make things happen!"

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