Aaron Tippin
USA Today ~ Sep 1991

'You're not challenging anyone else but yourself.' ~ Aaron Tippin

'Musical Magic:  Pumping Up Strong Performances Onstage And Off'
'Life:  Aaron Tippin, Country Music Singer'
USA Today, 09 September 1991

Tippin, Aaron
TREE ON A LIMB:  Tattooed branches bulge with the biceps of country's Aaron Tippin, a lifter for seven years.
Photo Credit:  Slick Lawson
He's been lifting for seven years.

Body Data:  Height:  5 feet 9.  Was 142 pounds, now weighs 170.  "I think I can carry a little more.  Would be real pleased if I can reach 185."

Regimen:  Low reps, heavy weights.  Day 1:  legs.  Day 2:  chest.  Day 3:  back and shoulders.  Day 4:  triceps.  Day 5:  biceps.

Why Bodybuild:  "I wanted to come to Nashville and at least look decent," and "to live past 30."  (He's 33.).

Favorite body part:  "I get the greatest amount of growth in my arms."

Most Difficult Part:  "I've always had little pencil legs, and I can't stand them.  I beat them to death."

Benefit:  "I feel so good in the achievement I've made.  It's made me realize I can do more in life than I think I can.  I take a lot of pride in the fact I have the endurance and stamina to change my body."

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