Aaron Tippin
Playgirl Magazine Photos ~ Dec 1993

'You're not challenging anyone else but yourself.' ~ Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin

Photo Credits:  Jean-Pierre Bonin, Playgirl, Dec 93

Aaron Tippin Bodybuilding Trivia

Aaron first became interested in exercise when he was 12, but dropped it in favor of training for specific sports.

Aaron was re-introduced to bodybuilding and began weight training with his older sister in 1984.

When Aaron started lifting weights, he weighed 139 pounds.  By 1992, he weighed 170 pounds.  His contest weight is 160-162 pounds.

In 1986, Aaron's entered his first contest in The Penny Rile Classic in Hopkinsville, KY.  He placed 3rd in his weight class (151-162 lbs), the lightweight class.

A year later in 1987 and weighing in at 158 lbs, Aaron placed 1st in his weight class, the lightweight class.

Aaron bench presses 250 lbs, deadlifts 425 lbs and squats 365 lbs.  Pretty impressive.  Aaron's goals are to bench press 300 lbs, deadlift 500 lbs and squat 400 lbs.

Aaron's favorite body part to train is his arms, because he gets the greatest amount of growth in that area.  His least favorite body part to train is his legs, because that is the most difficult part for him to realize results.

Aaron's favorite bodybuilder/weightlifter is 4-time Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl.  In fact, Aaron's bodybuilding bible is Bill Pearl's classic encyclopeadia on weight training:  "Keys To The Inner Universe" written in 1982.

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