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'You're not challenging anyone else but yourself.' ~ Aaron Tippin

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Tippin, Aaron
As a bodybuilder, Aaron Tippin knows that it's easy to let yourself get out of shape.  The same thing can happen in one's career, and last year Tippin realized that his had definitely lost the competitive edge that he demands.  These days, armed with a new record label and inspired material, Tippin is flexing his musical muscles once again.

"I started bodybulding after I got my divorse," Aaron recalled.  "I was 25 years old or so and I decided that I would quit being a stupid drunk and go to the gym and get myself in shape.  I guess that's when I decided that I wanted to live past 30.  I was just going to try to get in shape, and the next thing I knew I was getting ready for a contest.  It's something that I didn't realize I would enjoy so much.  I had never had a chance to do anything like that.

"They judge you on the size of your muscles, but on symmetrics, too," Aaron explained.  "I mean you can't go out htere with a gigantic set of shoulders and big pecs with toothpick legs; that won't work.  They divide the contestants up into several classes according to your weight and age group.  Then at the end of it, the winners from all the different classes come together and compete for the overall champion.

"Of course, I'm not doing it competitively anymore, because I just don't have time.  I don't do much of nothing anymore other than trying to stay in shape.  That's the way old guys do -- you just say what you used to do," he laughed.  "But I'm still on a once-a-day program of about an hour a day.  I usually work on one body part a day.

"It's an everyday rotation," Tippin began.  "One day you'll work the pecs, the next day you'll work your legs.  The third day you'll do your arms, although I like to split that up and just do triceps one day.  The fourth day you might do your back and the fifth you would work on your biceps.  You've got abs and your neck that you would also plug into the workout as you have time.  All of this may vary; I like to shake itup."

This wimpy writer was getting exhausted just hearing the regimen described.  It was hard to imagine anyone, much less a busy entertainer, having the necessary discipline to keep it up.

"When I'm out on the road, I get up in the morning and start my day with a workout," Aaron said.  "I usually do to a local gym because we can't carry that much equipment with us.  At home, I've got a pretty decent gym in my basement with 13 or 14 machines and all the dumbbells, bars, benches and stuff.  But it's been tough maintaining a daily routine while I've been in the studio because this is the first time I've co-produced and I'm having to be here at the studio a more."

After a long association, Aaron and RCA Records recently had an amicable parting.  He soon found a comfortable home with Lyric Street, the new label owned by Disney.

"There are a lot of folks at Disney from RCA that know Aaron Tippin and know my career,  They knew right where to start.  This machine was half ready to go before we even started."

Tippin's career has always been built around the in-your-face, blue collar anthems like You've Got To Stand For Something, There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio and Working Man's PhD.  With That's As Close To Loving You, he also discovered his knack for a love song.  He will play to both of those strengths on the new album.

"There are a lot of things going on in my life right now involving family and love -- a brand new baby, my third wedding anniversary, my 2--year-old daughter moving back home.  Aaron's got his family life right where he wants it, and I think you're going to hear a lot of that in this new record.

"The first single is a love song called For You I Will.  What This Country Needs is an untempo cut.  Her is a good one.  Somewhere Under The Rainbow is great.  The album is packed with great songs.  We went to a lot of trouble to pick great songs that Aaron Tippin wrote himself or would say.  I think people are going to hear it and agree that this album has more conformity than any album they're ever heard."

And Aaron Tippin knows just how important continuity is in keeping your body and your career in tip-top shape.

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