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28 JULY 2003

Sad, Sad News ~ Bob Hope Passes Away At 100

If you remember, Aaron performed with Bob Hope and the USO Tour during Desert Storm in December 1990. Aaron credits the opportunity to perform in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm with Bob Hope as a pivotal point in his career and one of his most memorable tours. Per Aaron, this tour gave Aaron a fuller appreciation for what it means to be an American and what this country, the USA, offers as emphasized in the following quote:

"I was honored earlier this year when Bob Hope invited me to Saudi Arabia to entertain the troops. Being in that part of the world made me realize what an honor it is to be an American. This country is known as a friend to justice and human rights. That's a good reason to be proud."  Aaron Tippin.
Source:  Tune-In, Jul 91.

UPI:  Bob Hope, Entertainment Titan, Dies At 100

LOS ANGELES, July 28 (UPI) -- Bob Hope, who died at the age of 100 Sunday evening at his home in Toluca Lake, Calif., was one of the most successful and beloved figures in the history of entertainment.

Hope died of pneumonia at 9:28 p.m., said a publicist for the versatile performer -- one of the last surviving entertainers who achieved stardom across the board in vaudeville, radio, Broadway, movies and TV.

Hope's 100th birthday, May 29, was celebrated throughout the United States and in his native England.

Hope -- one of the most decorated performers ever -- added to his list of honors when the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce renamed the legendary intersection of Hollywood and Vine as Bob Hope Square, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors named Hope Citizen of the Century.

President George W. Bush mourned Hope's death in a statement issued as he was boarding Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base.

"Bob Hope made us laugh, and he lifted our spirits," said Bush. "Bob Hope served our nation when he went to battlefields to entertain thousands of troops from different generations."

To view entire UPI Story, go to:

Bob Hope, entertainment titan, dies at 100

Share Your Remembrances Of Bob Hope

Enter Bob Hope's Official Website to visit the bulletin board to share your remembrances of Bob Hope.

Email The Family

  Thanks For The Memories!
You will be missed...

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


24 JULY 2003

Aaron Tippin Website Changes

Website Navigational Bar

I wanted to let you know about a change I am making to my website which, hopefully, will help you navigate through my Aaron Tippin website easier.  When I started this website four years ago, I did not realize my Aaron Tippin website would become so large.  And, since I do my own coding and am self-taught, it has been a real learning process.  Needless to say, I have loved every minute doing it....

At the suggestion of a professional web designer (Thanks, Regina), I will be adding a Navigational Bar with drop-down boxes referencing links within my website at the top of each webpage.  For now, I will be concentrating on main link pages (ei Index Page, What's New Page, Tour Schedule, Photo Links Pages, etc).  As I add new pages, I will make this Navigational Bar a regular item.  This Navigational Bar works in both the Internet Explorer (5.5) and Netscape (7.1) browsers I have loaded on my computer; however, I do not know whether the Navigational Bar will work in all browsers, including older Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, WebTV, etc.  Please let me know what you think, and please let me know whether you are having problems using my new Aaron Tippin Navigational Bar.

Stemwinder Photos And Image Selector

I have also added new Stemwinders Photos and will be adding more as I get photos developed.  Not only have I added new photos, but I have changed the Concert Photo viewing page for each current band member.  The Stemwinder Thumbnail Link and the Band Member Intro Pages for each band member (ei Mark Johnson) function the same.  However, when you click on the Photo Link on the Band Member Intro Page, the Concert Photo Page for each current band member (ei Mark Johnson) has a new look, hopefully for easier viewing while still providing concert information.  Please let me know what you think.  FYI:  There is a link at the bottom of the Band Member Intro Pages which still links to the original pages, both current and former band members.

I have also made similar changes for viewing:

Official Fan Club Photos
Scroll down for Fan Club Photos, Fan Club Christmas Cards and Fan Club Bumper Stickers
Official Tour Photos
Magazine Cover Photos
Magazine Ad Photos.

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15 JULY 2003

Happy 8th Anniversary, Aaron and Thea

Wishing you a future that holds....
Joy in full measure,
Memories to treasure,
Faith to uplift and inspire
And all that your heart might desire!

Love is the heart of a lasting marriage,
Joy is the heart of a lasting love.

May you always have happiness and love.
Enjoy California and Oregon.

A Fan Always,

Comment Form:  'Made In America' Hosted By Aaron Tippin

Per Aaron's Official Site:  We would like your opinions and comments on GAC's new show, "Made In America", hosted by Aaron Tippin.  Feel free to give us any suggestions.  Thanks!

To fill out the form, go to:

Comment Form

I know there are a lot of you fans who only get Country Music Television (CMT) and do not get Great American Country (GAC) with your cable company.  For a very long time, CMT was all my cable company offered.  When my cable company upgraded this last time, both GAC and CMT were made available.  My only suggestion is to nag, nag, nag your cable company to offer GAC.  Four different episodes of 'Made In America' have been telecast thus far.  Supposedly, there are 22 more.  So nag, nag, nag....  After all, your cable company does want your business.  And, good luck!

A brief synopsis on 'Made In America' and Aaron:  At the very beginning of the show, Aaron introduces the highlighted company and introduces a company spokesperson.  As the show progresses, there are clips of Aaron and the company spokesperson going from station to station explaining and showing how the highlighted product is made (Or, in the case of the Black Hills, various spots of interest.).  Lots and lots of interesting commentary.  And, tons of American pride in products made right here in the USA!  Needless to say, Aaron is quite an animated and entertaining host, a real natural.  In between the clips are country music videos from various artists, including one from Aaron.

I love the show.  Watching country music videos has always been enjoyable, but adding Aaron and a real slice of what America is all about is the best.

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


10 JULY 2003

Aaron And Outdoor Channel-SCI Take A Kid Hunting Sweepstakes

Hunt for whitetails with country western superstar Aaron Tippin and appear on national TV!

SCI in conjunction with The Outdoor Channel, Field and Stream Radio and Outdoor Life Radio will be providing an all expense paid trip for a young hunter and their adult sponsor to join Aaron Tippin on his ranch in Tennessee to hunt for whitetails.  An adult sponsor must enter a young hunter to participate in this drawing, see rules for details.  Give a young hunter the experience of a life time, there is no charge to enter this drawing!   The hunt will be filmed by the Outdoor Channel and air on TV during 2004.

SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. Help preserve our rich hunting heritage enter now to Take a Kid Hunting!

SCI First For Hunters Home Page

SCI First For Hunters Promotion

Sweepstakes starts on or about 12:00:01 a.m. Eastern Time ("ET") on July 1, 2003 and ends 11:59:59 p.m. ET on November 30, 2003 ("Promotion Period").

To view complete Official Rules, click here:
Take a Kid Hunting Official Rules

Aaron And Washington DC 04 July Photos

WOW!  What a Day!  Check out Aaron's Official Site for photos taken in Washington DC on 04 July!  Go to:

Aaron Tippin Salutes His Country At The Nations Capital

There is a really poignant photo of the reflection of Aaron viewing the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Such an emotional moment, all those names inscribed on the memorial.  If ya get to Washington DC, make sure you stop at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  It's so beautiful....  There is also a terrific photo of the fireworks display on the Washington Monument grounds.

FYI:  I will soon be posting my Washington DC photos, hopefully, by this weekend.  I also have four other earlier shows to post, but I am going to post the Washington DC ones first.

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


05 JULY 2003

Aaron, TNN And Buckmasters Classic

Buckmasters begins the 2003 TV season this weekend on TNN with shows at 10:30am ET on Saturday, 05 July; and 10am ET on Sunday, 06 July.

Jackie and the Buckmasters film crew continue a long-time tradition by starting the television season with the Buckmasters Classic Life Hunt. Each year in January, Buckmasters, in partnership with the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation, hosts this special hunt for kids (and some adults) with severe illnesses or disabilities.

Country music star Aaron Tippin and comedian Jeff Foxworthy participated in this year's hunt, helping to keep the camp lively and entertaining, even when the hunting was a bit off. But after a slow start, the action really picked up for this year's hunt, and the kids were able to take some excellent bucks.

To view the complete article, go to:
Buckmasters TV Show Kicks Off 2003 Season

Aaron And Washington DC 04 July

WOW!! What a show in Washington, DC for the 04 July!  Aaron and the guys performed with the US Navy Band on the Washington Monument grounds.  Needless to say, the show was dynamite and Aaron was right in his element.  Aaron's shows have always included not only a strong working man's element, but also a strong sense of patriotism and American pride.  The crowd was absolutely wild; the entire Washington Monument grounds were filled with fans when Aaron and the guys came on.  There is nothing like being in our nation's capitol celebrating Independence Day and watching an Aaron Tippin show.  Great day....I wish y'all could have been there!

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


03 JULY 2003

A Very Happy Birthday, Aaron

May you find treasures in familiar places.
May the face in the mirror be your very best friend.
May your soul know heaven's sweet songs.
May the wings of your dreams brush the heavens.
May you dance in the light every day of your life...
...And, may you live in the heart of God's love forever.

Happiness always and may you always be surrounded by the love of family and friends.
A very happy birthday from all of us.  Remember, you are like fine wine; you get better with age.

Aaron And GAC's 'Made In America' Schedule

Catch a new episode of "Made In America" debuting Wednesdays at 6pm ET!

"I'm so thrilled to have teamed up with GAC for this
fun project. I'm having a blast going all over the
country meeting great Americans
working hard at their jobs and creating
quality products!" -
Aaron Tippin


Jun. 25: 6pm PREMIER
Jun. 26: 11pm
Jun. 28: 2am & 9am
Jun. 30: 3pm
July 3: 12 noon
July 4: 6pm
July 5: 9pm
July 6: 4pm
July 7: 6pm
July 8: 11pm

Chris Craft

Chris-Craft is a legend. From rowboats to speedboats to the first combat landing crafts ashore at Normandy, they are the king of boat building. Hop aboard with Aaron Tippin!


Jul. 2: 6pm PREMIER
Jul. 3: 11pm
Jul. 5: 2am & 9am
Jul. 7: 3pm
Jul. 10: 12 noon
Jul. 11: 6pm
Jul. 12: 9pm
Jul. 13: 4pm
Jul. 14: 6pm
Jul. 15: 11pm

Take a trip with Aaron to Blackhills, South Dakota, land of Mt. Rushmore, caves, five national parks, the Badlands and other natural wonders "beyond all expectations"!


In coming weeks, Aaron will tour the Corvette Plant and Museum in Bowling Green, OH (debuts 09 July); get the inside scoop at Jack Daniels (debuts 16 July); plus put the spotlight on Louisville Slugger (debuts 23 July).  Make sure you check the GAC Made In America site often; there are supposed to be 26 episodes!

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


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July 28, 2003

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