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May 2004

13 MAY 2004

New!  Aaron Tippin Fan Page

Over the last 12-13 years, I have met tons and tons of dedicated Aaron Tippin fans.  On several occassions, I have been encouraged to add a page to my website dedicated to the reason that we still have the privilege of hearing Aaron's music and seeing Aaron's dynamic performances -- Aaron Tippin Fans.  For a long time I couldn't do it, my site was severly size-restricted (I am still size-restricted, but not as limited as before).  However, with all the changes in country music, I think it's paramount to honor dedicated Aaron Tippin fans who have followed and supported Aaron for so long.  If you're a newbie, that's OK.  Better late than never to enjoy 'Country Music's Finest' and welcome.

If you would like me to add your photo with Aaron to my site, please email me at:


If you would like me to check out a few fans with Aaron and see what I've done, go to:

Aaron Tippin Fan Photos

Any photo I add will only include a first name and state.  When you email me, I will email you back the particulars on sending me files or photos (I can scan your photo, if you would like).  Hotmail is a free email site, so they do have some restrictions on what I can accept via email.  Again, please email me if you would like to be included.

  C-YA on the road in 2004!  


10 MAY 2004

Aaron Tippin And Taylorville, IL

Got to see a brand new Aaron Tippin show in Taylorville, IL on 01 May 2004. &Nbsp;As always, just a dynamite show.  There are some new twists and some older favorites have been added.  And, just as in previous years, I won't be adding the new photos until y'all have been given a chance to catch the new show, probably a month or so from now.  I don't want to spoil any of Aaron's surprises, so no heads up.  ~Chuckle~  Suffice to say, Aaron looks so-o-o-o-o fine.  Check out the photo on my home page....

Aaron Tippin And CW 'Bird Is The Word'

Nice little article in Country Weekly, titled 'Bird Is The Word' in the issue dated 25 May 2004.  Some interesting information on Aaron's latest acquistion and passion, a Bell Jet Ranger 206 helicopter.  We all know Aaron doesn't do anything less than 100%, so he's working on getting his helicopter pilot's license.  Way too cool.  I had a friend who flew choppers years ago.

Also, please note page 18 for Aaron's favorite men's cologne.

  C-YA on the road in 2004!  


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May 13, 2004

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