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Jan-Feb 2004

24 FEBRUARY 2004

Britney Spears Ain't Got Nothin' On Aaron Tippin

Per CountryStars.com site:

"It has been reported that pop star Britney Spears has coffee flown in from her favorite coffee shop while she's on tour.  Instead of Aaron Tippin having something flown in from his favorite restaurant, he decided to fly there and get it himself!  Aaron recently bought a helicopter, and while he was out working on his flight training this week, he decided to stop in at Aaron Tippin Outdoors, which also serves food, for lunch.  He landed the helicopter across from the store in Smithville, TN. How convenient is that?

DETAILS - Since Aaron Tippin recently bought a helicopter, he has been doing his helicopter flight training.  He's been spending as much time training as possible.  After he finishes this training, he's thinking about getting additional training at the Bell Helicopter Training Academy.  The training academy is owned by the Bell company which makes helicopters, including the one that Aaron bought."

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17 FEBRUARY 2004

Tippin Fan Races Stork To Watch His Show

Per CountryStars.com site:

"At Aaron Tippin's recent Lincoln City, Oregon concert, a lady in the audience went into labor. When people tried to get her to go to the hospital, the lady decided to race with the stork, so to speak, by insisting on staying until the end of Tippin's show. Good news is the Stork came in second and the lady made it to the hospital on time."

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11 FEBRUARY 2004

Aaron Tippin Has A New Chopper

Per CountryStars.com site:

"No he hasn't been to the dentist for dentures, he's found and bought his new helicopter.  A few weeks back Tippin said he was in the market for a chopper and says now that he's found one.  It's a Bell Jet Ranger 206 that seats five and can travel at nearly 130 miles-per-hour."


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06 FEBRUARY 2004

Aaron Tippin And Country Weekly Article

Make sure you check out the most current Country Weekly.  There is a nice little article regarding a new Aaron Tippin CD Release, Ultimate Aaron Tippin [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED].  This BMG release, with 20 tracks, has a street date of 10 Feb 2004.  To view article, go to:

Country Weekly Article

Aaron is scheduled to release a BRAND NEW Lyric Street CD in spring/summer of 2004.  The most recently released CDs are re-releases of recordings that Aaron made while under contract with RCA.

Aaron Tippin BMG/Madacy CD Releases

Aaron has 2 new CDs to be released in Feb 2004:

Ultimate Aaron Tippin (Originally Recording Remastered)
BMG Products, Street Date:  10 Feb 2004

Aaron Tippin:  The Platinum Collection (2 discs)
Madacy Records, Street Date:  24 Feb 2004

Aaron also released a new BMG Special Products CD in Nov 2003:

Aaron Tippin:  All American Country
BMG Special Products, Street Date:  25 Nov 2003

Aaron Tippin And Made In America

Per and email I recieved from Great American Country, the show Aaron hosts, Made In America, is airing a series of re-runs at the present time.  If you missed an episode or two, you now have the opportunity to view it.  Also, make sure you check GAC's Made In America schedule often.  As of 19 Jan 2004, the new schedule is:

Wednesday:  4pm ET
Thursday:  7pm ET
Saturday:  2pm ET
Monday:  7pm ET

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28 JANUARY 2004

Aaron Tippin And New Made In America Schedule

Just to let you know, Great American Country (GAC) has changed it's schedule as of 19 January 2004.  Made In America, which Aaron hosts, is now being aired 4 times a week.  The new show times are:

Wednesday:  4pm ET
Thursday:  7pm ET
Saturday:  2pm ET
Monday:  7pm ET

There were originally supposed to be 26 episodes.  To date, 20 episodes have aired.  Hopefully, the last 6 episodes will be available soon.  I do know that GAC is way behind in their tapings.  Be sure to check GAC's Made In American schedule often.  In the meantime, GAC is re-airing previous episodes.  So, if you missed one or two, you will have the opportunity to see them.  Nascar is featured this week and Hatch Show Prints is featured next week.

To view GAC's Made In America schedule, go to:  Made In America

To view GAC's New Programming Schedule, go to:  GAC New Program Schedule

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21 JANUARY 2004

GAC/Countrystars.com And Hot Stuff On The Auction Block

Per CountryStars.com site:

Check out GAC'S first auction of 2004!  Bid on AUTOGRAPHED items from Hank Williams Jr., Reba, Sara Evans, Aaron Tippin, Montgomery Gentry, Mark Wills, Chris Cagle, Rascal Flatts, John Michael Montgomery, Cledus T. Judd and Emerson Drive.  Part of the proceeds to benefit St. Jude Research Hospital! Click here

Aaron Tippin Autographed GAC Tee

Country music singer and GAC host Aaron Tippin took his pen to this GAC shirt. Get your bids in for a country collectible signed by this patriotic artist! (XL long sleeve).  Auction ends 0n 28 Jan 2004, 10am ET.  To check out Aaron' auction item, go to:

Aaron Tippin Autographed GAC Tee

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16 JANUARY 2004

Aaron Tippin Wants A Chopper

Per CountryStars.com site:

"Aaron Tippin is an accomplished pilot and has a small air force of his own airplanes. He's now in the market for a helicopter to add to the collection.

ALSO, Earlier this week Aaron Tippin taped an episode of Great American Country's GAC Classic with Bill Cody. The episode will air on GAC Wednesday, January 21 at 9am ET and re-air that evening at 8pm ET."

This episode will also re-air on Saturday at 10pm ET.  For details, go to:  GAC Classic With Bill Cody

New Look To My Aaron Tippin What's New

I decided to change the background for my Aaron Tippin What's New.  Although I think the dark blue background with light lettering was pretty cool (still do), I believe the light background with dark lettering is easier on the eyes for pages with lots of text.  I will eventually change all text-dominant pages to this format.  I will retain the dark background on my graphic-dominant pages; I believe the dark background highlights photos.

I am also in the process of finishing my 2003 concert photos.  Added the Owensboro, KY show and am working on the Kill-Devil, NC show.  Then, will go back and finish the Parkersburg, WV; Smethport, PA; and Chillicothe, OH shows.

I am gradually revamping some of my previously posted pages; look for the updates on my Index Page.

One other item I recently added was an Amber Alert Ticker beneath the Updates List on my Index Page.  I was prompted to add this ticker after hearing about the 3 missing Georgia girls whose aunt and sister were killed (They have been safely returned.). The thought that any child is in danger is deplorable.  Perhaps there is someone out there who may see these children and can make the difference for their safe return.  I know time is of the essence in locating a missing child.  Please check this ticker often.  In the short time I have had it on my Index Page, there have been at least 3 different alerts.

  C-YA on the road in 2004!  


13 JANUARY 2004

Aaron Tippin Gets A New Hunting Buddy

Per CountryStars.com site:

"Aaron Tippin is an avid sportsman and loves to hunt every chance he gets.  Earlier this week he had the opportunity to take twelve-year-old Johnny Holt hunting for the first time.  The Outdoor Channel, Field and Stream Radio, Outdoor Life Radio, and Safari Club International held a contest, "Take A Kid Hunting," for kids interested in hunting.  The winner of the contest received an all expense paid trip to hunt with Aaron Tippin at his farm in Tennessee.

DETAILS -- Johnny Holt was the winner of the contest, and his dad, John Holt, accompanied him on the trip.  After Aaron and Johnny finished hunting, Aaron took him for a ride in one of his airplanes.  The trip was filmed and will air on the Outdoor Channel later this year.  Please visit www.outdoorchannel.com for air dates and times."

Pretty cool.  Too bad my sons are both grown.  If not, you could bet that I would have entered that contest.  Hunting is fun, but a ride in that plane......  (PS:  I did enter that contest....)

  C-YA on the road in 2004!  


07 JANUARY 2004

Aaron Tippin And Country Music Television (CMT) Fast Living

In case you missed CMT's Fast Living, you have another chance to view it.  It will air on Saturday, 10 Jan 2004 at 6pm ET.  Pretty cool show!  Ya get to see a couple of Aaron's airplanes.  You might also want to check CMT's schedule; often, shows are re-aired.

Per CMT site:

"CMT gives viewers an all-access look at celebrities and their most prized and dangerous possessions in a new one-hour special Fast Living. The special will look at stars and their love of fast transport, whether it be airplanes, helicopters, car collections or racehorses.

Stars including William Shatner, Gary Allan, Aaron Tippin, Paul Walker (2 Fast and 2 Furious) and Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of the duo Montgomery Gentry show why they like living life in the fast lane. Fast Living features country music stars, sports figures and movie and television personalities."

New Aaron Tippin Tour Dates Posted

Check out Aaron's Official Site.  New 2004 shows have been posted.  I've also added these shows to my Aaron Tippin Tour Schedule, with info as I have been able to find it.  Also, check often, as new tour dates are added.

I am really looking forward to the new season, as I am sure y'all are.  Course, I have to get through my busy season first.  I would love to hear from anyone who wishes to share any info on this season's shows.

Aaron Tippin Official Tour Schedule

You can also go to my Aaron Tippin Tour Schedule

Aaron Tippin Tour Schedule

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02 JANUARY 2004

Aaron Tippin Special Guest On Great American Country (GAC) Classics

Don't miss Aaron as a special guest on Great American Country (GAC) Classics with Bill Cody.  Aaron airs on:

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2004, 9am ET
Wednesday, 21 Jan 2004, 8pm ET
Saturday, 24 Jan 2004, 10pm ET

You asked for it and GAC is delivering! Tune-in each weekday morning and spend two hours with host BILL CODY as he brings you all the classic videos you love!

Bill, also a morning show host for the legendary AM 650 WSM in Nashville, will showcase the best in classic videos and the songs that made country music the #1 format of the 90's! Look for classic videos from artists like: GARTH BROOKS, REBA, ALAN JACKSON, MERLE HAGGARD, ALABAMA, THE JUDDS, GEORGE STRAIT, OAK RIDGE BOYS, LORRIE MORGAN, and RONNIE MILSAP... just to name a few!

  C-YA on the road in 2004!  


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Feb 25, 2004

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