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Sep-Oct 2003

21 OCT 2003

Aaron Tippin And Cool Audio/Video Site Links

While browsing around on the internet, I came across a several sites that included some Aaron Tippin audio/video interviews that I thought y'all might enjoy:

1.  CMT Radio Archives
Scroll down to 05-30-2003 for Aaron's interview.  Required:  Real Player, may use others.
Aaron Tippin On Armed Forces support Of Country Performers

2.  BMI Live, From The Listening Room
Nice videos of Aaron and Thea interview at the 2002 Country Music Awards.  Required:  Real Player, Quicktime
Aaron Discusses New Songs
Aaron Discusses Stars And Stripes
Aaron Discusses The Troops
BMI - Country Awards 2002 Index

Thought I'd also add one other previosly listed in my What's New that is still available.

3.  Ben & Brian
Scroll down a little more than half to hear Ben and Brian talk to Aaron and Thea about his overseas tour with the USO.  Required:  Windows Media Player
Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin And Teddy In Norfolk, VA

Headed for Norfolk, VA on 10 October to see Aaron and the guys only to find that the show had been cancelled.  Not exactly sure why, they were a few sprinkles that day...but apparently all the events (Navy Days is a week-long affair) for the day, including vendors, were cancelled.  I was not the only one that found out last minute...Aaron and the guys also showed up in Norfolk.  Since I will not have any concert photos to share from Norfolk, thought I would share a photo of Aaron and Teddy that I know you will enjoy.  (I will evenutally add this photo to my concert photos as a momento of my drive to Norfolk, VA).

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01 OCT 2003

Aaron Tippin Made In America Schedule Change

Great American Country (GAC) has announced their new Fall Programming Schedule, beginning 03 October 2003.  Please visit their site:  CountryStars.com for the new schedule.  You will notice there have been some changes in the Made In America schedule.  Make sure you also check GAC's Made In America page:  Made In America for new times.  And, as in the past, as soon as the new Made In America is posted, I will update my Made In America schedule.

Also, note another change to Great American Country:  Starting October 4, GAC, Great American Country, will begin airing classic episodes of our Crook and Chase show on weekends!!  You can catch the show at 9:00 AM or 4:00 PM Eastern on Saturday... or at 2:00 PM or 7:00 PM on Sunday.  On October 4... catch the classic episode featuring Shania Twain, fashions from Frederick's of Hollywood... and dy-no-mite comedian Jimmy Walker.

Remember, Aaron and Thea appeared in quite a few episodes of Crook and Chase.  Hopefully, one or several of their episodes will be making a re-appearance.  To check their schedule, go to:  Crook and Chase Show.

Knight and Hale 'Ultimate Spring V' Video

While browsing around on the internet, trying to locate some PS Olt Duck Calls for the hunters in my family, I came across a Knight & Hale video which includes a segment with Aaron.

Per the item description:  *Featuring 16 hunts in seven states, "Different Conditions for a Spring Tradition" shows how to make great hunts out of adverse weather conditions *The Knight & Hale crew demonstrates how to use the exciting, new SLA-TEK call and offer more than 100 minutes of non-stop turkey hunting action.

From what I understand the guests included in this video, The Ultimate Spring V, are AARON TIPPIN and Hank Parker.

This video is still available and in stock per the Discount Treestands site.  Go to:  Discount Treestands.

This video may also be found elsewhere, but the other sites I checked had later editions, but not this edition.  Make sure you do not confuse this video, 'The Ultimate Spring V,' with the 'Utlimate Whitetail Season V,' which is available in several locations.

PS:  I know PS Olt Company, which was located in Pekin, IL, is no longer in business.  Therefore, locating NEW ducks calls manufactured by them is difficult.  I also know these calls are becoming collector's items.  If anyone would know where I could purchase either a NEW Sonderman 66 or a NEW Mark V duck call, I would appreciate the information.  These calls will NOT be collector's items, but used by the hunters in my family.  By the way, duck hunting in my state starts this weekend....

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23 SEP 2003

Aaron Tippin And Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Award
Contest #1

Golden Moose Award Fan Poll
Vote For Your Favorite Shows!
Enter by 30 Sep 2003

The Outdoor Channel wants to give you a free trip to Las Vegas!

It's time again to vote for your favorite Outdoor Channel shows.

Your votes will help select this years' Golden Moose Award Winners!
We'll also enter your name to win a trip for two to next year's Golden Moose Awards ceremony in Las Vegas!

If your name is selected, you'll have a chance to meet the hosts of some of the great shows you watch each week on The Outdoor Channel, plus enjoy a live performance by country music star Aaron Tippin.

To enter, complete the entry form and vote for your favorite shows.

No purchase necessary.
Don't hesitate - vote for your favorite shows today!

Contest Rules and Sign-Up 

Aaron Tippin And SCI/Outdoor Channel Take A Kid Hunting
Contest #2

Take a Kid Hunting Sweepstakes
A Kidís Dream Hunt
Enter by 30 Nov 2003

Go hunting for whitetail deer with country music superstar Aaron Tippin.

SCI, in conjunction with The Outdoor Channel, Field and Stream Radio and Outdoor Life Radio, will provide an all-expense paid trip for a young hunter and their adult sponsor to hunt for white-tailed deer on Aaron Tippin’s ranch in Tennessee.

Give a young hunter the experience of a lifetime.

The hunt will be filmed by the Outdoor Channel and will air during 2004.

The adult sponsor must enter the young hunter to participate in this drawing. See official rules for details.

SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. Teach a kid to enjoy our rich hunting heritage and ensure the future generations’ freedom to hunt!

Click here for Rules and Entry Form

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21 SEP 2003

Aaron, Thea And Lorianne Crook's Celebrity Kitchen Schedule Date

Aaron Tippin & wife Thea cook with Lorianne Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Guest -- Aaron & Thea Tippin
Recipe -- Mexican Casserole
Notes from the Kitchen -- When Thea has her three hungry guys to feed at home (Aaron and their two young sons), she often whips up this Mexican Casserole that has become a family favorite. Aaron and Thea didn't mind admitting that this recipe came from Thea's ex-husband!

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19 SEP 2003

Aaron, Thea And Lorianne Crook's Celebrity Kitchen

Monday - Friday at 11am ET!

GAC welcomes Lorianne Crook to our network! Guests will join Lorianne each day to prepare healthy recipes. Celebrity cooking and conversation will be interwoven with country music videos in this exciting new, hour-long show!
Coming up this week Chris Cagle, Charley Chase, Aaron and Thea Tippin.

Click here:  Lorianne Crook's Celebrity Kitchen for more info & times!

FYI:  Lorraine Crook's Celebrity Kitchen also
encores at 7pm ET.

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


16 SEP 2003

Outdoor Trail Magazine On CD

I'm sure y'all know how much Aaron loves to hunt, especially turkey hunt.  Outdoor Trail Magazine On CD, Edition 2, includes an interview with Aaron.  This CD is still available for order.  Go to:

Outdoor Trail Magazine On CD

Below is an excerpt from the 25 June 2003 press release regarding the 2nd Edition:

"Highlighted in this edition of OTM is country artist Aaron Tippin. Tippin shares his exciting stories about his first deer and first turkey. And hunting expert Walter Parrott reveals the "must have" tools for every huntersí turkey vest. Walter also gives hot tips on how to out-smart the turkey. OTM also features the steps and resources needed to build a fishing pond in your own backyard."

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


13 SEP 2003

Aaron, The Beckwiths and Great Lakes

Check out Aaron's Official Site for a daily log on the Beckwith's journal chronicling their journey with the National Air Tour.  Pretty fascinating.  For an excerpt, read below.  For the log, go to:

Ted And Beverly Beckwith's Log

'Ted and Beverly Beckwith have been friends with Aaron for several years now.  As a matter of fact, Aaron says they are the ones responsible for getting him back into aviation after he got into the music business.  Ted and Beverly are participating in the National Air Tour and since Aaron's schedule will not allow him to participate in the tour by flying, he decided to participate by being one of the Beckwith's sponsors.  Please visit www.nationalairtour.org to learn more about the tour.  We will be updating www.aarontippin.com daily with journal entries from Ted and Beverly, so keep checking back here to find out what's going on with them.

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  *  AARON AND 228 CANDLES  *   *
11 SEP 2003 (REVISED)

Aaron And 228 Candles

Aaron Tippin and Patty Loveless will be in Norfolk, Virginia next month to help celebrate the Navy's 228th birthday.  The pair will perform a free concert 10 October in the city as part of Navy Days, previously known as Fleet Week. The festivities begin 5pm ET at Town Point Park in downtown Norfolk.

You may remember that Aaron was scheduled to perform for Fleet Week (now Navy Days) in 2002. That weekend the weather was so bad that the city of Norfolk cancelled the activities. See following article from 2002:

U.S. Navy Shows Tippin The Sights On Recent Visit To Norfolk
Although a recent Aaron Tippin concert in Norfolk, VA was postponed due to heavy rain, the day was not a complete wash-out for the country singer. Regardless of the bad weather, Tippin was invited by the HC2 Desert Ducks Squadron to take a ride on the actual H3 Naval Helicopter on which President John F. Kennedy once flew. Tippin and his four-year-old son Teddy also got a tour of the docked USS San Francisco attack class submarine, which is about to be dispatched to Guam.

Sure glad Norfolk decided to schedule Aaron again this year; Norfolk is only about 3.5 hours from my home.

In Remembrance

Please don't forget to share a moment of silence in remembrance of those who lost there lives in the terrorists attacks on New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania two years ago on 11 September 2001. Don't forget to remember to keep their families and friends in your thoughts. And, please remember to keep our military personnel, overseas and everywhere, and their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

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01 SEP 2003

Country Weekly Articles

Check out the current issue (16 Sep 2003) of Country Weekly.  Aaron is included in a couple of articles with a couple of nice photos.  Go to the News Of Note and there is a short clip titled, 'Aaron's So Smart' accompanied with one of my all-time favorite photos of Aaron.  If you have been to one of Aaron's show this year, your will get a knowing chuckle.  Then, Aaron is included in an article titled, 'The Truth About Men.'  I'm sure you will love the photo of Aaron that is included with this article.  Enjoy.

The previous issue (02 Sep 2003) of Country Weekly included an article on Aaron titled, 'Bean Country.'  I apologize for not informing you about this issue earlier.  I'm sure most of you who read Country Weekly regularly probably have had the pleasure of seeing this article already; I hope so.  It includes one of Aaron's Mama's recipes, Homestyle Corn Bread, and talks about Aaron favorite low-fat, protein-and-carbohydrate-rich favorites: Pinto Beans.

It's Been Great, I've Had The Best Time
Please Note:  I am not abandoning this site, merely cutting back for the time being

I have had the best time the last 10-12 years traipsing around this great country of ours to go to Aaron Tippin shows.  Aaron's music and shows, in my opinion, are rivaled by no one.  He is, without a doubt, the best.  Not only have I had the pleasure of seeing the best, but I have had the opportunity to meet the best fans in the world, coast to coast.  I have made some great (and hopefully, life-long) friendships that never would have happened had it not been for Aaron and his music.  Thanks, guys.

However, nothing stays the same.  Life is full of choices.  I have loved every minute that I have given to doing this Aaron Tippin website and would not trade that time for anything.  However, this site also takes a very large time committment.  I have decided I never want to be, if possible, an employee again.  I am already involved with one fairly successful venture, I am half-owner of a small trucking business.  I am in the process on trying to get a second venture off the ground, but I am finding that I really need to commit my time to it if I'm ever going to make it work.  Sadly, I am not going to be able to devote as much time to either this website or going to shows.  I have no intentions of completely abandoning this site (I love doing it); my updates will just not be quite as regular for the time being.  For now, I will try to maintain and update the tour schedule and news.  I also have photos from 7-8 shows that I will eventually add.

Please check Aaron's Official Site:  www.aarontippin.com often for updates.  I have been told that Aaron's Official Site will soon be in the process of a major renovation, so make sure you check his site often.  Information can also be found on Aaron's record label site, Lyric Street Records:  www.aarontippinfan.com.  In addition to official sites, there are also several informative unofficial fan sites available that you might want to check out.

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


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Oct 21, 2003

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