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Aaron Tippin What's New
May-Jun 2003

25 JUNE 2003

Aaron And GAC's 'Made In America' Schedule

Per Great American Country (GAC) site:  GAC's newest show, hosted by Lyric Street Recording artist Aaron Tippin, takes you up close and personal with some of the companies that make America what it is today.  Tippin will travel across the United States to visit the headquarters of well-known companies like Corvette, Southwest Airlines, Chris Craft, Jack Daniels and Louisville Slugger, featuring the products, history and people who make it all happen!  PLUS, Aaron will introduce some of your favorite videos along the way!

Catch a new episode of "Made In America" debuting Wednesdays at 6pm ET!

"I'm so thrilled to have teamed up with GAC for this
fun project. I'm having a blast going all over the
country meeting great Americans
working hard at their jobs and creating
quality products!" -
Aaron Tippin


Jun. 18: 6pm PREMIER
Jun. 19: 11pm
Jun. 21: 2am & 9am
Jun. 23: 3pm
Jun. 26: 12 noon
Jun. 27: 6pm
Jun. 28:9pm
Jun. 29: 4pm
Jun. 30: 6pm
July 1: 11pm

Aaron visits with the friendly folks at Southwest airlines and introduces some of your favorite videos along the way like Gary Allan's "Right Where I Need To Be," actually filmed on an airport runway!


Jun. 25: 6pm PREMIER
Jun. 26: 11pm
Jun. 28: 2am & 9am
Jun. 30: 3pm
July 3: 12 noon
July 4: 6pm
July 5: 9pm
July 6: 4pm
July 7: 6pm
July 8: 11pm

Chris Craft

Chris-Craft is a legend. From rowboats to speedboats to the first combat landing crafts ashore at Normandy, they are the king of boat building. Hop aboard with Aaron Tippin!


Jul. 2: 6pm PREMIER
Jul. 3: 11pm
Jul. 5: 2am & 9am
Jul. 7: 3pm
Jul. 10: 12 noon
Jul. 11: 6pm
Jul. 12: 9pm
Jul. 13: 4pm
Jul. 14: 6pm
Jul. 15: 11pm

Take a trip with Aaron to Blackhills, South Dakota, land of Mt. Rushmore, caves, five national parks, the Badlands and other natural wonders "beyond all expectations"!


In coming weeks, Aaron will tour the Corvette Plant and Museum in Bowling Green, OH; get the inside scoop at Jack Daniels; plus put the spotlight on Louisville Slugger.  Make sure you check the GAC Made In America site often; there are supposed to be 26 episodes!

Sorry I am so late in getting the 'Made In America' schedule up, but I have not been home in the last couple of weeks.  Got to visit with my daddy in Minnesota for almost a week around Father's Day; he is finally doing well enough that he should be going home soon.  Also, got to catch a few Aaron Tippin shows.  Surprise...  Had a really great time and got to see a lot of long-time Aaron Tippin fans.  Needless to say, the shows were dynamite, as always.  A small hint.....those of you, starting with the shows in California, are in for a special treat.

I will be posting some new concert photos in the near future, but not for a while.  I want many of you to have the chance to catch the new show.  I don't want to spoil the surprises.  ~Chuckle.~

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


09 JUNE 2003

Aaron And GAC's 'Made In America'

Tippin to host new show-- Great American Country (GAC) has added the show "Made In America," hosted by Aaron Tippin, to its programming line-up.

Tippin will travel across the United States to visit the corporate headquarters of some of America's most well-known companies like Harley Davidson, McDonalds and Coca Cola.

A new one-hour show will premier every Monday and will air for two weeks in alternating slots. The first show, featuring Southwest Airlines, will debut on Wednesday June 18th at 6 p.m. EST.

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


05 JUNE 2003

Win A Fly Away Day With Aaron Tippin Update

Check out Aaron's Official Site.  The Official Sweepstakes Rules for the

Win a Fly Away Day with Aaron

contest have been posted.  The sweepstakes begins at 12pm (CST), 05 June 2003 and ends at 11:59am (CST), 08 August 2003.  Go to:

Official Sweepstakes Rules

Brand New Aaron Tippin Show:  2003 Stars & Stripes Tour

WOW!!  Got to see Aaron and the guys' brand new show in Nashville, IN on 31 May 2003.  They've added some new and kept some of the old.  Because it's so early in the new season, I'm not going to divulge any particulars, other than to say it is in true Tippin style.....  High energy and lots of fun.  Make sure you don't miss Aaron Tippin and The Stemwinders in concert when they come close to your home (or not so close...Chuckle).  You won't be disappointed.  Remember, Aaron and the guys are all over the US this year, so hopefully a show will be close to you.  Check Aaron's Tour Schedule often, as they continue to add dates.

Also, make sure you visit Bill at Aaron's merchandise booth before or after the shows.  There is a ton of new, great merchandise.  In addition to the items I mentioned in the 08 May 2003 What's New, there are two additional items for sale:

Aaron Tippin Stars & Stripes 2003 Tour T-Shirt (black)
Aaron Tippin Baseball Cap (white)

Lots of really neat souvenir items this year.  Check it out!

Aaron Tippin And Red Cross Benefit Concert

Aaron will be performing in Spartanburg, SC on 21 June 2003.  (Spartanburg, SC is very close to where Aaron grew up.)  This show is a benefit for the Piedmont Chapter of the American Red Cross.  To access the Piedmont Chapter Red Cross site for more information on their chapter and this fundraiser event with Aaron Tippin, go to:

Piedmont Chapter - American Red Cross

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


  *  AARON TIPPIN AND FAN FAIR 2003  *   *
03 JUNE 2003

Aaron Tippin And Fan Fair 2003

Aaron is scheduled to be at Fan Fair 2003.  I was able to locate a couple of events where he will be.  They are as follows:

* Great American Country (GAC) Booth:  Thursday, 05 June 2003, 1-2pm, Booth #206
* Andy Griggs' Archery Tournament:  Thursday, 05 June 2003, 3pm, Coliseum Lot R-East

The Second Annual Andy Griggs Celebrity Archery Tournament will be held June 5, 2003, at 3:00 p.m. at the Coliseum parking lot (Lot R-East). This event is FREE and open to the public, but parking for the event at the Coliseum is reserved for Fan Fair attendees. There are several parking lots and garages located close to the event and all over downtown Nashville to accommodate the event.

I will not be attending Fan Fair this year; my oldest boy and my daughter-in-law-to-be will be getting married that weekend.  If you go to Fan Fair, please share your Aaron Tippin experience.

  Joy.    Joy.  

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


22 MAY 2003

Aaron Tippin Contest ~ Fly With Aaron

Check out Aaron's Official Site.  Per Aaron's site, Aaron will take the lucky Grand Prize Winner for a scenic flight in one of his personal airplanes.  What an exciting opportunity.  There are also 10 First Prizes and 25 Second Prizes.  For details, go to:

Win A Fly Away Day With Aaron

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


08 MAY 2003

Lots Of Brand New Aaron Tippin Merchandise

WOW!  Make sure to stop by the Aaron Tippin merchandise booth to check out all the new Aaron Tippin merchandise available at the shows.  Click on the links below to view the new items for the 2003 tour season:

Aaron Tippin USO Tour T-shirt (ivory)
Aaron Tippin Tour 2003 T-shirt (white)
Aaron Tippin T-shirt (light blue ladies)
Aaron Tippin USO Tour Patch And Keychain
Aaron Tippin Photo
Aaron Tippin Bumper Sticker

In addition to the above items, Kiss This license plate, Kiss This frog and Aaron's CDs are also available.  Make sure to stop by Aaron's merchandise booth to say 'Hi' to Bill and pick up some memorabilia to remember the show.

  C-YA on the road in 2003!  


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June 25, 2003

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