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Mar-Apr 2002

27 APRIL 2002

Country Weekly Article ~ Star Stats

Check out the 14 May 2002 issue of Country Weekly.  Aaron is featured in the current issue Star Stats (pg 42).  Included is lots and lots of updated facts on Aaron, his family and his career.  Also, nice photo.  ~Chuckle~  Is there any other?

Also....  Don't forget to request Aaron's latest single, 'I'll Take Love Over Money,' with your local radio stations.  Let's make this terrific new single another hit for country music's finest!

 C-YA on the road! 

24 APRIL 2002

CMT Flameworthy Video Award

Per an email (below) I received from CMT:  Aaron's video, 'Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly,' has been nominated in the first round voting in the CMT Flameworthy Video Award category:


Between 16 April and 12 May, 2002, registered users of CMT.com can vote ONE TIME.  The final nominees will be announced on Tuesday, 14 May 2002; then voting for final winners in each category will begin.  Make sure you vote.  Let's make sure Aaron and his dynamite video, 'Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly.' make it to the final round, then to the Number 1 spot where it belongs.


I wanted you to know how excited I am that Aaron Tippin was nominated for a CMT Flameworthy Video Music Award.  As you know, this is a totally-fan voted award show.  With voting online only and a one vote per person balloting structure, it is important that the word get out all the fans.  I want to help you with your "get out the vote" efforts. Here are some tools...

Link to Flameworthy Voting:  www.cmt.com/cmt/event/flameworthy/welcome.jhtml

Link to Flameworthy Flyaway Sweepstakes (Yet another good reason to vote...win a trip to the show):  www.cmt.com/comm/sweep/flameworthy/"

 C-YA on the road! 

16 APRIL 2002

New Aaron Tippin CD Release ~ 'I Believed'

Per Aaron's Official Site:  'Aaron has finished recording a new CD for Lyric Street Records.  The CD is scheduled for release July 2, 2002.  The title of the CD is "I Believed."  The CD will feature five songs co-written by Aaron including the hit "Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly."'  Go to:  What's Hot.

You can hear a clip of Aaron's new single, "I'll Take Love Over Money," go to:  Aaron Tippin Official Site.  Sounds like another Aaron Tippin hit to me.  Make sure you call your local radio station and request Aaron's new single.

 C-YA on the road! 

09 APRIL 2002

New Aaron Tippin Single Release ~ 'I'll Take Love Over Money'

Per an email I received, the official release date to radio for Aaron's new single, 'I'll Take Lover Over Money,' is next week.  However, some radio stations have already been playing it and you may have already heard it.  Be sure you request this brand new single.  I just know y'all will love it.

Also, the new CD is scheduled to be released sometime in June or July.  No final word yet from Lyric Street on the exact date.

 C-YA on the road! 

18 MARCH 2002

Final Nominees ~ 37th Annual ACM Awards

The final nominees have been announced for the 37th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.  Guess what?  Aaron's current hit single made the final cut for Video Of The Year.  Go to:   acmcountry.com to check it out!  There is also a blurb on country.com.  It's about time the country music industry recognizes what we fans have known all along.

Awards presented to the producer(s), director(S), and artist:

"Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly" -- Aaron Tippin
Producer:  Baquas
Directors:  Dermott Downs and Trey Fanjoy

Way to go, Aaron!  Way to go, Lyric Street Records!

Country Weekly Article ~ 02 Apr 2002

Make sure you check out the current Country Weekly issue dated 02 Apr 2002.  There is a really great article under the Story Behind the Song titled 'Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly' on page 52.  Not only is the background of Aaron's current hit single detailed, but the lyrics are also included.

I might also note that this terrific song, in true Tippin style, has remained on the charts since it's debut last fall.  Way to go, Aaron!

2002 Concert Photos ~ Taylorville, IL

I have finally scanned some photos from Aaron's brand new show in Taylorville, IL (09 Mar 2002).  I will try to get them posted sometime tonight or tomorrow.  I will also be adding some photos from the show in Paducah, KY (26 Jan 2002) soon.  Even though the show is last year's, I have some pretty good photos of Thea and Teddy on stage I think you might enjoy.  So, be looking for them soon.

 C-YA on the road! 

11 MARCH 2002

WOW!  Brand New Aaron Tippin Show

Got to see a brand new show in Taylorville, IL, Saturday night.  As usual in true Tippin style, it's really dynamic and fun.....  You have just got to see it!  The beginning is different, but just as terrific as last year.  Again, make sure you're not late.  And again, I'm not going to give too much away this early in the year; I don't want to spoil your fun.  There are parts of the new show that are so funny, I forgot to take photos.  Oh well, there will be another show.    I will, however, try to post a few photos in the next week or so.

Aaron has lots and lots of shows scheduled this year all over the country, so I just know there will be one close by.  You will not be disappointed....

WOW!  Country Music Magazine

There is a pretty cool article in the April/May 2002 issue of Country Music Magazine.  It's a feature interview in the Say What?, titled 'Plane Speaking.'  Per the highlights, Aaron Tippin takes off on aviation safety, Tennesse wine, and The Boy Scout Handbook.

WOW!  New CD Update

Aaron has finished recording songs for his new CD.  He has recorded 15-16 songs, but the final selection has not yet been made as to which songs will make the final cut.

 C-YA on the road! 

06 MARCH 2002

Country Music Television (CMT) Charity Auction

Per an email I received from CMT on 04 Mar 2002:

Hi Judi, I just wanted to make you aware that Aaron Tippin has contributed some very cool memorabilia to the online charity auction benefiting NARAS.  This is being hosted on our new charity auction site...


I hope you'll help make fans aware of this opportunity through your email newletter and links on your site.  Here are few ads for your use too.  The auction opened today and runs through March 29.

Aaron Tippin Concert Photos

I apologize for being so far behind with posting concert photos.  I took last summer and fall off from work and thought I would have all the time in the world to keep my site updated.  During that time, I was lucky enough to catch a lot of Aaron's shows, so I have a ton of photos....  Somehow, time just seemed to slip away.  Now, I'm back at work in public accounting with mega hours and a new Aaron season is about to begin....  I do have many photos separated and ready to scan from 2001, so I will still be adding 2001 photos.  And, I have photos from a couple of 2002 shows.  As I add the 2002 photos (in a couple of weeks), I will continue to add 2001 photos.  Again, thanks for your patience.

 C-YA on the road! 

04 MARCH 2002

Happy Birthday, Thea!

Count your life by smiles, not tears.
Count your age by friends, not years.
On this day that is yours, may your heart be light
And may your dreams take flight.

Hoping this will find you with a happy, joy-filled day.
Have a very Happy Birthday.

 C-YA on the road! 

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Apr 27, 2002

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