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Jan-Feb 2002

14 FEBRUARY 2002

Happy Valentine's Day, Aaron!

May you always be surrounded by kisses, hugs, and love.  There is only one you.  May this Valentine's Day be extra special, my friend.

Academy Of Country Music Announces Initial Nominations

In the first ballot for the 37th Annual Academy Of Country Music, Aaron has received four nominations in three categories.  The final nominees will be announced in Los Angeles at a press conference during the week of 11 March.  This year's awards show will be telecast on Tuesday, May 21 (8-11pm ET/PT).  Aaron's nominations are as follows:

1.  Top Male Vocalist ~ Aaron Tippin
2.  Video Of The Year ~ Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly (Baquas/Dermott Downs & Trey Fanjoy/Aaron Tippin)
3.  Single Of The Year (Award To Producer) ~ Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly (Aaron Tippin, Biff Watson & Mike Bradley)
4.  Single Of The Year (Award To Artist) ~ Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly (Aaron Tippin)

Way to go, Aaron!  Way to go, Lyric Street!  Way to go, AT fans!

 C-YA on the road! 

04 FEBRUARY 2002

Condolences To Aaron And His Family

My condolences to Aaron and his family on the loss of his grandma (his Daddy's mama) last Thursday.  She was 92 years old and lived in Mobile, AL.  Aaron was able to spend some time with her when he performed at the Greater Gulf State Fair in Mobile last October.  He had told me then she was not well enough to come to his show at the fair.


God looked around His garden and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the Earth and saw your tired face.
He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest.
God's Garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain
He knew that you would never get well on Earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough and the hills were hard to climb.
So He closed your weary eye lids and whispered, 'Peace Be Thine.'

It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone
For part of us went with you the day God called you home.


Aaron Tippin and Beckley, WV Show

Despite the sad news, Aaron and the guys put on one terrific show in Beckley, WV last Saturday night.  I have yet to see a show that was less than totally rockin' in West Virginia, and this one was no exception!

As Aaron neared the end of his show and was giving his thoughts on his most recent single, 'Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly,' he noted that in the beginning this dynamite song was in honor of the victims and their families.  Now, as we move forward as a nation, a stronger united nation, this song is dedicated to all of us.  Pretty cool.
God Bless America.

The new show is scheduled to start in March.  I can't wait to see what Aaron and the guys come up with next!  Hopefully, the new show will start with the show in Taylorville, IL....which just happens to be my next show.  

Please Note:  Guestbook Changes

I regret to say that I have had to make some changes to my GuestBook.  When you post to my GuestBook, your post will not appear immediately, but will as soon as possible.  I have no intentions of shutting down my GuestBook, but I have been forced to monitor posts due to some very inappropriate and offensive posts recently.  Apparently, there is a very pathetic individual out there who hides behind the anonymity of the web and chooses to make extremely vulgar remarks about Aaron.  How sad....  I sincerely apologize for any of these messages you may have had the misfortune to read.

 C-YA on the road! 

01 FEBRUARY 2002

Aaron Tippin and Rockin' in Paducah

WOW! What a great show in Paducah.  Paducah is one of my favorite venues.  Show, room and dinner all wrapped up in one building.  And, the best part....it's one of those venues which draw a ton of Aaron Tippin fans that I have had the privilege to meet over the last ten years.  It's also one of the venues where Aaron and the guys bring their families.  Makes for a really fun evening.  This show was no exception, except that I broke the small lens to my camera.   Grimace 

As a special treat, Aaron once again brought Thea, Teddy and Thomas out on stage to sing 'Kiss This.'  And, as an extra treat, Teddy actually introduced his daddy in person.  If you remember the intro to the 2001 show, it's Teddy you hear in the beginning through the sound system.  When Teddy came on stage, he did get a little guidance and support from his mama.

No new show, yet, but Aaron announced that Paducah would be one of his last with the old show.  So, be looking forward to a new show real soon.  Personally, I can't wait to see what Aaron and the guys come up with next!  

New Aaron Tippin CD

Aaron is working on a new CD.  It's supposed to be released sometime this summer.  So, be on the lookout for more news!

Note of Interest

Heard last weekend that Aaron is rebuilding a plane in his spare time.  Spare time?  He has spare time?    I also heard that it is a Cessna 185.  Needless to say, I am really impressed, but not surprised.  Aaron is really a man of many talents.

 C-YA on the road! 

19 JANUARY 2002

WOW!  More Aaron Tippin Tour Dates Added.... Yes!

Make sure ya check out Aaron's Official Site. There have been a ton of tour dates added. Go to:


I have posted these new venues to my site.  I was able to locate a lot of information regarding the new venues and some additional information regarding some of the older listings.  I have added phone numbers and websites for most of the new dates and added some for the older dates.  Click here to access my updated tour schedule:

2002 Aaron Tippin Tour Schedule.

Several of the dates are on the West coast (I live on the East coast, but will let y'all borrow him for a while )  .  I bet y'all out that way are thinking it's about time.  I know there are several California dates in June, a couple in Oregon, one in Washington, plus one in Great Falls, MT (Thea's home town).

Make sure ya check both Aaron's site and mine often.  According to Aaron, this is going to be one of his best and busiest years ever.  Enjoy...  And....

 C-YA on the road! 

02 JANUARY 2002

Country Music Television (CMT) is featuring Aaron's Personal Playback again Wednesday, 02 January 2002, 10pm ET/PT.  It was previously telecast in Aug 2001, then again in Nov 2001.  You have another chance to view the show if you missed it the first two times; it is a show well-worth seeing.  Aaron discusses the behind the scenes stories for his music videos.


01 JANUARY 2002

A Very Happy New Year

As the New Year dawns for you...

May you look back fondly on all your past accomplishments,
May you look forward in anticipation of all your dreams,
And may you look within yourself for the strength and wisdom that make it all possible!

New Aaron Tippin Fan Forum

I have set up a new Aaron Tippin Fan Forum that I hope you will enjoy.  Go to:

Aaron Tippin Forum.

So far, there are two sections:  One for posting messages, and the other for adding info about yourself to share with other Aaron Tippin fans.  I have posted a message to both.  In order to post, you will need to register with Ezboard.com.  You do not need to register to view the Forums.  In the section for info about yourself, I included information about the first concert I saw, my first meet 'n greet, etc.  If you have questions, please email me:  JParsons.

If you have an Aaron Tippin website, please include your URL.  There are never too many Aaron Tippin websites on the internet.

I decided to add this Forum because I participate in a couple of Forums through Ezboard.com for families involved in the trucking industry.  I found that I really enjoy the layout and the ease of use with these Forums.  So, I thought I would share a couple with Aaron Tippin fans.  If they do well, I will eventually remove all the ads.  (By the way, I will also retain the Bravenet Forum that is currently in place now.)

Please keep it clean and consider the feelings of others.  I will delete any inappropriate messages.  Thanks for your cooperation.


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Feb 14, 2002

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