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Jul-Aug 2001

29 AUGUST 2001

Aaron's Official Website

I know a lot of you are really anxious about the fact that you cannot access Aaron's Official Website.  They are in the process of moving to a new server.  The site should be back up in a few days.  So, just keep checking back.

In the meantime, don't forget to keep requesting 'Always Was,' Aaron's most recent single release from People Like Us.  I just know we can make this another hit single for 'Country Music's Finest.'

Concert Photos

I want to thank y'all for being so patient with me regarding my Aaron Tippin concert photos.  I have not been getting my concert photos up as quickly as I would like.  Course, not being home probably is a big factor.  Now that Aaron's touring season is beginning to wind down some, I should be able to get going with my concert photos, especially after the month of September.  Again, thanks for being so patient.

C-YA on the road!!

22 AUGUST 2001

Dollywood Shows

WOW!!  What a show, or should I say shows!!  Got to see Aaron in Dollywood on 18 Aug 2001.  And boy, were Aaron and the guys rockin.'  Dollywood is one of those venues where Aaron and the guys usually bring family.  As a special treat, Aaron brought Thea and the boys on stage to finish up his usual dynamite show.  You should have seen Teddy perform front and center with his daddy, singing 'Kiss This' during the first show and 'Kiss This' plus 'Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio' during the second show.  Teddy is a minature version of Aaron, imitating every movement his daddy makes.

I changed the photo on my index page to one of the pictures I took in Dollywood.  The lighting at Dollywood is a little harsh, but I thought you would get a kick out of the photo.  I have a couple of others I will rotate with in the future.  And, I will be adding some Dollywood concert photos to my site in the next week.  Enjoy.

Clickincountry.com Interview

Check out the interview on Clickincountry.com.  There is the transcript of a very nice Aaron Tippin interview with lots of current Aaron Tippin information I know you will not want to miss.

Trucker News

From what I understand, there is supposed to be an article on Aaron's bus and truck in an upcoming issue of Trucker News.  As a co-owner of a semi, I have access to several trucking publications.  I will keep you posted as I find out more details.

C-YA on the road!!

14 AUGUST 2001

Family Circle Article

Finally found the Aaron Tippin article in Family Circle.  It is located in Family Circle Best Hints & Tips, which should be available until 18 Sep 2001.  The article is titled, 'Workshop Whiz' (page 5).  Unfortunately, there is not one domestic tip!  ~Chuckle~

I finally was able to locate the magazine in one of our local supermarkets; I have not been able to find an issue in places like Wal-Mart.

Clickincountry.com Interview

Clickincountry.com has scheduled an interview with Aaron on 15 Aug 2001.  I know this is short notice, but you can submit questions/comments to Aaron until 14 Aug 2001.  Go to:  www.clickincountry.com, and click on Aaron Tippin to submit your questions/comments.

C-YA on the road!!

06 AUGUST 2001

Country Weekly Blurb

Oops!  I inadvertently listed the incorrect issue in the previous post.  The Country Weekly issue is 21 Aug 2001, not 12 Aug 2001.  That issue is the current issue.  Those pesky transposition errors.  Sorry.

In that issue, there is also an Aaron Tippin quote in the article, 'Star Tech - Celebs in Cyberspace' (Pg 26):

"If I'm hunting for a piece of weight lifting equipment, or if I'm trying to see if there's a great airplane bargain out there somewhere, I'll use the internet.  But, boy, I can get lost fast!"

PS:  I don't think Aaron's alone; I think he has lots of company.  ~Chuckle~

2001 Concert Photos

I am sorry I am so far behind in adding current concert photos.  If you go to my 2001 Photos Links Page, you will see I have added several ticket stubs.  I think I have found a more expeditous way to add the concert photos, and still produce a quality photo with a smaller file.  If you check on the photos for Gascanade County Fair, you will see the result.  Let me know what ya think!
I will be adding more photos after this next weekend.  Thanks for your patience.

C-YA on the road!!

02 AUGUST 2001

Aaron's Official Website ~ New Family Photos

Check out the new terrific family photos on Aaron's Official Site.  Go to:  Photos, then Family Photos.  There are some really nice pictures of Aaron, Thea, Teddy and Thomas.  There is also a photo of Thea's sister, Cathy, and her two daughters.  I met Cathy in Nashville last summer; then again in Konocti Harbor, CA.  Nice lady.

Aaron's Official Website ~ New Concert Photos

Check out the new concert photos on Aaron's Official Site.  Go to:  Photos, then Concert Photos.  The guy who does Aaron's website took the photos when he toured with Aaron and the guys out west this past spring.  The first photo is of the Hanford Theatre in Hanford, CA.  Supposedly, that theatre is the theatre featured in the movie, 'Back To The Future.'

Country Weekly Blurb in Scene & Heard

Check out the article blurb in the 12 Aug 2001 Country Weekly issue (pg 9).  Nice little article that reinforces what we already know:  'Aaron is one of country's classiest guys.'  '
A note of interest:  Aaron was in Texas doing a radio tour between concert dates in the last couple of weeks.  In fact, last weekend, he told me he had been away from home for 20 days doing the shows and the radio tour.  I just know he was more than ready to get home to his family after that last show.  By the way, I had the privilege of seeing shows on eight of those days.  So....hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I will be able to resume my scanning and adding concert photos to this site.  Needless to say, I have taken quite a few.

One Other Item

Hope y'all got a chance to catch CMT's Personal Playback - August Edition featuring Aaron.  It is to be telecast 3 more times (See News below).  Make sure to get a chance to see it.  It's really good!  And, really interesting!  And, of course, Aaron looks really fine.  No surprise....

C-YA on the road!!

30 JULY 2001

CMT Personal Playback ~ August Edition

Per an email I received from CMT:  Aaron will be the August Edition of CMT Personal Playback telecast on Tuesday, 31 July 2001, at 10pm ET.  The one-hour CMT Personal Playback gives CMT viewers the behind-the-scenes stories of music videos from those who know best -- the artists themselves.

CMT Personal Playback Aaron Tippin repeats:

Thursday, 02 Aug 2001, 5pm ET
Saturday, 04 Aug 2001, 7pm ET
Wednesday, 15 Aug 2001, 12noon ET
Thursday, 16 Aug 2001, 5pm ET

Make sure you set your VCRs and do not miss this special telecast.  To view the write-up on CMT, Click Here.

New Single Release ~ 'Always Was'

The new single, 'Always Was,' has been released to radio.  Make sure you call your radio stations to request this terrific song.  I just know we can make this another hit for Aaron.  He is 'Country Music's Finest;' there is no equal.

Christmas Album Release ~ 'A December To Remember'

Per Aaron's Official Site, What's New:  Aaron has finished his new Christmas album for Lyric Street Records. The album is "A December to Remember" and will be released Sept. 18, 2001. It will feature 7 new Christmas songs written by Aaron and 5 traditional Christmas songs.
Additional Note:  Thea sings a duet with Aaron on two songs.

C-YA on the road!!

14 JULY 2001

Country Weekly Article

A new venture for a most versatile country music star!  Check out the 24 July 2001 issue of Country Weekly, (pg 09).  Aaron has decided to build his own winery on his 300-acre farm in Tennessee, growing merlot grapes.

Last year, I learned Merlot was Aaron's favorite wine when I went to see his show in Konocti Harbor (Kelseyville, CA).  Merlot is very good, full-bodied red wine; good choice.
This year, following his show in Konocti Harbor, Aaron and the guys had a couple of days layover before their next show.  Aaron spent the time flying over the vineyards located in the Napa Valley, known as wine country.

Aaron Tippin Concert Photos

I know I am way behind in adding concert photos.  As soon as Aaron's schedule lightens up, I will be scanning and adding more photos.  I apologize for the delay, and will try to add some photos from the Taylorville, IL and Wheeling, WV show before I take off again this weekend.

C-YA on the road!!

15 JULY 2001

May the fires of your love keep you happy and warm;
May the strength of your love keep you safe from all harm.
May the light of your love guide your pathways together.
May the joy of your love keep you happy forever.

C-YA on the road!!

03 JULY 2001

A Very Happy Birthday, Aaron

As a new year dawns for you....
May you look back fondly on all your past accomplishments,
Look forward in anticipation of all your dreams,
And look within yourself for the strength and wisdom that make it all possible!

Happy Birthday from us all.  And, remember you are like fine wine (Merlot, of course!  ~Chuckle~), you get better with age.

New Single Release from People Like Us

Per Aaron, the next single to be released soon is 'Always Was.'  As soon as I get more information on the release date, I will let you know.  I just know y'all are eager to start requesting it with your local radio stations.  And, I know we can make this another hit single for Aaron.

C-YA on the road!!

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August 29, 2001

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