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May-Jun 2000

21 JUNE 00

Vote now for Aaron's new video, Kiss This, on both CMT and GAC.
Click on the following links to vote (or back space to my Home Page and click on logos):

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Please note: Once I have gotten into GAC (countrystars.com), I have not been able to back space out. However, that is a small price to pay to vote for 'Country Music's Finest.'

19 JUNE 00

Lyric Street Show (14 June): Of course, Lyric Street saved the best for last! Needless to say, Aaron's performance was dyno-o-o-o-mite! Aaron sang six songs: What This Country Needs, Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio, For You I Will, My Blue Angel, You've Got To Stand For Something and last, Kiss This.

Kiss This, from the new CD titled 'People Like Us,' was Aaron's encore song. Aaron brought his wife, Thea, out on stage to sing harmony on the song. She is a co-writer, along with Aaron and Philip Douglas. When you check the songwriter credits, you will see 'Tippin, Tippin, Douglas.' I cannot wait for this new CD to be released... It's hard to believe Aaron can get any better; yet, he always does.

If you would like to check out the country.com coverage on the show, click on the following:
1. Label Shows - Town and Country - an article which includes a photo of Aaron on stage.
2. Photo Scrapbook - Lyric Street Show Scrapbook - includes a photo of the crowd. This photo is kind of special for me; it shows my banner! Also, it shows two people holding up the banner; I am the second one in the white 'Aaron Tippin Firearms' cap!!!

Hopefully, I got some pretty good photos of the show. If I did, I will post them as soon as I get them developed, probably in the next week or so.

Other Aaron Tippin Sightings at Fan Fair:
CMT Booth - Monday, 11-12noon (12 June)
Great American Country Booth - Monday, 3:30-5pm (12 June)
Country Weekly Booth - Wednesday, 4-5pm (14 June)

09 JUNE 00

Per Lyric Street Records: Aaron's new single, 'Kiss This' has moved up to #47 on Billboard charts and moved up to #40 on the R and R charts. Way to go, Aaron!

Also, look for the video, 'Kiss This,' to debut on CMT next Wednesday (14 June). Check the CMT Delivery Room at 10am ET, 3pm ET and again, at 10pm ET. I just know the video will be dynamite. Before the video was shot in the Beverly Hills a couple of weeks ago, Lyric Street was kind enough to actually contact some of Aaron's fan club members living near that area to see if they would like to be in that video; needless to say, several accepted. What an opportunity to remember for a lifetime.

30 MAY 00

Congratulations to Aaron and Thea on their impending bundle of joy due in December. He (she, they~chuckle~) will join Teddy, who will be three in December, and Charla, Aaron's daughter from a previous marriage. All our best; our children are our future.


'Thank you for your interest and concern on the behalf of Aaron. We know you are all anxiously awaiting the new album so we wanted to give you an update and some good news!

You may have started hearing Aaron's new single "Kiss This" on the radio. The official add date for the new single at radio is not until June 5. There are several radio stations that added Aaron's single early to their playlists. So many that it caused it to debut at #70 on Billboard and jump to #57 this week. Three weeks early!!! Don't forget to call your local radio stations and request "Kiss This" beginning June 5!

Due to the high demand and excitement regarding "Kiss This" the new album has been MOVED UP to be RELEASED TUESDAY, JULY 25!!! Spread the word!

Check out www.lyricstreet.com for Aaron's tour dates!

Aaron and Lyric Street thank you for your support!'

22 MAY 00

The Official Aaron Tippin Fan Site is to be completely revamped and updated in the near future. Be sure to check the official site often for the new look and changes. In the meantime, we need to be patient until it is finished.

18 MAY 00

Per Lyric Street Records: Aaron's new single, 'Kiss This' is to be released June 5, 2000. So far, it has been released only to test markets, but has received rave reviews. So.... be sure to start requesting Aaron's new single, 'Kiss This,' at your local radio stations. We, Aaron's fans, can propel this song to #1 where it belongs. In order to have an impact, we must request this song nationwide at the same time. We can do this!! I know, because Aaron has the best and most dedicated fans in country music; I see them time and time again at shows.

In addition, I have been told that this new single will be accompanied by a video. Joy...

To listen to a clip of the new song, 'Kiss This': Go to the Lyric Street Record website. Click on Aaron Tippin; then click on Sneak Preview.

The new CD (I'm sorry, I don't know the name, yet....will add as soon as I find out) is to be released August 15, 2000, possibly earlier. From what I understand, the new CD will have more of the old-time Aaron Tippin sound, plus a couple of ballads. I can't wait for this new release; I love Aaron's music and have missed his what I call his 'in your face' country music. In addition, I have been told there will be a duet with Aaron and Thea, his wife. If the song is the one I heard at Fan Fair last year, it's a wonderful one about their son, Teddy. I also understand that Thea will be doing backup vocals throughout the CD.

18 MAY 00

I will be adding more 2000 Aaron Tippin concert photos from the current show as soon as I have time to scan them into my computer. Aaron is back in black, and looking so good.

This site is not an official site. It is my intent solely to share information, photos, etc with other Aaron Tippin fans; therefore, information is subject to change. As I become aware of changes, I will share this information with you, but I am not privy to all information. Like you, I am a fan.

The above information has been acquired from various sources, including the Official Aaron Tippin Fan site, Lyric Street Records site, and other Aaron Tippin fans (thanks!).

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October 08, 2000

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