Kiss This

Aaron Tippin/Thea Tippin/Philip Douglas

She was a woman on a mission
Here to drown him and forget him
So I set her up again to wash him down
She had just about succeeded
When the low-down, no-good, cheating, good-for-nothing
Came strutting through the crowd

Oh, he was laying it on so thick
He never missed a lick
Professing his never ending love
Oh, but I never will forget when she stood up and said
So, I guess you think we're gonna kiss and make up, don't you
That's when she said


Why don't you kiss, kiss this
And I don't mean on my rosy red lips
Hey me and you, we're through
And there's only one thing left for you to do
You just come on over here one last time
Pucker up and close your eyes
And kiss this good-bye

Well, the next thing I recall
She had him backed against the wall
Chewing him like a bulldog on a bone
She was putting him in his place
And I mean right up in his face
Dragging him down a list of done-me-wrongs

It was just about now
That the crowd gathered around
They'd come to watch him pay for his every sin
She called him everything under the sun and when we thought that she was done
She reared back and she let him have it again, man
She said, she said

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Hey, kiss this good-bye
See Ya!


© 2000 Acuff-Rose Music, Inc (BMI); Thea Later Music (BMI);
Curb Songs (ASCAP)/Charlie Monk Music (adm. by Curb Songs)/Mick Hits (adm. by Curb Songs)
(ASCAP) International Copyright Secured. Made in the USA.
All rights reserved.

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