Aaron Tippin and His Airplanes
Country Weekly Magazine ~ 17 Nov 1998

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Aaron Tippin and His Chipmunk

Photo Credits:  Ron Davis, Country Weekly Magazine, 98 Nov 17
From article:  'Aaron Tippin's Flying High,' Story by:  Deborah Barnes

Aaron Tippin and His Chipmunk

Aaron Tippin and His Cessna 150

Aaron Tippin and His Cessna 150

Aaron Tippin with Smaller Versions of His Big Toys

Aaron Tippin Airplane Trivia:

Aaron has had the opportunity to fly both an F-18 and an F-16 fighter jet.  While filming the video, Working Man's PhD in Los Angeles, CA Aaron flew an F-18 with the US Navy precision flying team, the Blue Angels based in El Centro, CA.  He also had the opportunity to fly an F-16 with the US Air Force precision flying team, the Thunderbirds.  While flying the F-16, Aaron made 9Gs, earning a 9G pin (By the way, 9Gs is nine times your body weight pressed against you).  Amazing.  Can you imagine what it would be like to pilot an aircraft that can move faster than you can think?  Wow!

Aaron has had one close call when testing his father's biplane after an engine change.  In Aaron's words:  'One of the lines vibrated loose and started pouring oil out of the engine.  I had to make a choice where I had to either land it in this cornfield, or gain enough altitude to make the runway two or three miles away.  All I could think of was how mad my dad was going to be at me if I crashed that airplane and tore it up.  So I did what's called a dead-stick landing, and to keep from seizing up the engine, I shut the engine down and glided to the airport and landed.'

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