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The following links are the Aaron Tippin biographies that were generated by the record company (Lyric Street Records and RCA) with the release of the corresponding CDs.  The biographies are listed with the most recent first.  As you read through them, you will see how Aaron has changed with time, yet, remains the same as when he started with the music business.  Aaron is a man who has never lost his sense of direction or focus, and has remained true to his values.  I once heard that "Aaron has built a musical career forged on honesty, musical integrity and everyday humility."  I think you will agree.  Enjoy Aaron's journey over the last twelve or thirteen years.

* Stars & Stripes Biography ~ 2002 *
* People Like Us Biography ~ 2000 *
* What This Country Needs Biography ~ 1998 *
* Lookin' Back At Myself Biography ~ 1994 *
* Call Of The Wild Biography ~ 1993 *
* Read Between The Lines Biography ~ 1992 *
* You've Got To Stand For Something Biography ~ 1990 *

The following link is the original biography that was sent to Fan Club members when they joined Aaron's Fan Club.

* Original Fan Club Biography ~ 1991 *

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Oct 10, 2002

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