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Aaron ~ The Songwriter

Aaron Tippin is not only a dynamite performer, but an immensely talented and prolific songwriter.  Take a look at the cover insert included with each of Aaron's CD releases.  Included on those cover inserts are the lyrics to the songs, most of them written by Aaron.

Then take the time to read the lyrics to the songs Aaron has written.  There is an unvarnished truth to his music.  Aaron's music comes from the soul.  There is nothing superficial about his music; much like the man himself.

Aaron has written almost 250 songs (usually with a co-writer) that are registered with Broadcast Music, Inc.  Absolutely amazing.  Often co-writers would accompany him on the road.  In fact, I have met two of them:  Michael P. Heeney -- At The End Of The Day and Ricky Scruggs -- This Old Couch.  Sometimes, his co-writers are a part of his crew.  Case in point is Mark Johnson, Aaron's band leader and bass guitar player, who co-wrote I Got It Honest and Twenty-Nine And Holding with Aaron.  Even Aaron's business manager, Billy Craven, has co-written songs with Aaron -- It's Way Too Close To Christmas To Be This Far From You.  And, of course, there is Thea, his wife and partner in life, who co-wrote Kiss This, Best Love We Ever Made, and Love Like There's No Tomorrow plus several Christmas songs.

Click on the link below to view a list of the songs Aaron has written that are registered with Broadcast Music, Inc.  Those songs with a white star () beside them are songs that Aaron has recorded and released.  The CD that they appear on is shown in parenthesis.  Those songs with a heart () beside them are songs that Aaron has co-written with his wife, Thea.  Those songs with a gold star () beside them are songs that are BMI Award Winning Songs.


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Aaron Tippin ~ The Songwriter

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