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Aaron Tippin Outdoors - Dowelltown, TN
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Aaron Tippin Outdoors, Dowelltown, TN

Enroute to Aaron's final concert for the year 2000, in Paducah, KY, Connie and I decided to take the scenic detour past Aaron's store, Aaron Tippin Outdoors in Dowelltown, TN. As luck would have it, we chose one of their busiest days....the day preceding the first day of deer season. Pretty hectic day, lots of business with lots of hunters. A note of interest: At 4am the next morning (18 November), a free breakfast for the local hunters was provided by Aaron Tippin Outdoors, with Aaron serving breakfast.

While we were there, we were able to take several photos of the expanded gunshop and convenience store. Unfortunately, we missed Aaron; he had already left for the day. If you get down that way, make sure you stop by Aaron's store. You won't find a more friendly bunch of folks, proprietors, employees and customers.

Please Note:  Chris Tramel, Managing Editor, was kind enough to send me a couple of photos taken in Aaron's gunshop that actually appeared in the newspaper, The Middle Tennessee Times.
Aaron Tippin Outdoors, Dowelltown, TN


Ads Used With Permission: The Middle Tennessee Times
09 January 2001
14 November 2000

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Photo Credits: Aaron Tippin Fan Club Newsletter
Nov/Dec 1996

Photo Credits: Aaron Tippin FC Newsletter
Winter 1998

Aaron Tippin Outdoors
3347 Nashville Hwy (Hwy 70)
Dowelltown, TN 37166
Phone: (615) 597-6131
Fax: (615) 597-2455

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Dec 27, 2001

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