Aaron Tippin Outdoors (1995)
Dowelltown, TN
Aaron Tippin Firearms (1996)
Oak City, NC

Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin is a man of many passions. His first and second, of course, are his family and his music. Following closely is a passion for firearms and hunting. In fact, Aaron is so adamant about the right to bear arms that he has opened his own gun shops. Not only is Aaron steadfast about the constitutional right to bear arms, but he is equally resolute about gun and hunter safety and education issues. In 1995, Aaron Tippin Outdoors (formerly Aaron Tippin Firearms, Smithville, TN) was opened in Dowelltown, TN. In 1996, Aaron Tippin Firearms, which is owned and operated by Aaron's daddy and his wife, was opened in Oak City, NC.

To quote Aaron (Country Weekly, 26 Dec 95):

"I believe in the right for a law-abiding citizen to own guns. I especially wanted to be in the business where I'm setting an example of that."

"Guns are not for everybody. I don't force any issues on anybody, but I always hope my right to be able to do that is protected."

"In all the bad publicity that firearms get nowadays, I hope I'm at least an example of good gun safety. Children can be raised around firearms properly and taught proper safety. My dad taught us the last thing you better do is swing the muzzle of a gun past something you didn't intend to shoot. We were harshly browbeaten for conduct unbecoming of a hunter or sportsman."


Photo Credits: Aaron Tippin Fan Club Newsletter, Summer 97

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Please Note: Aaron Tippin Firearms (TN) has become Aaron Tippin Outdoors. Address and phone number remain the same.

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Dec 27, 2001

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