Aaron Tippin
Before The Show Begins.....

Effingham County Fair, Altamont, IL
11 August 2000

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Can you imagine what it would be like to move every day? That's what it appears like when Aaron travels from one venue to the next. All that packing and unpacking....

Watching Aaron and his crew before and during sound check is like watching a well-oiled machine. The semi with all the equipment usually gets to the venue early in the morning on show day. Then, around mid-morning the crew arrives to unload the trailer and start the set-up for that day or evening's show or shows. The sound equipment and the lights are set up with precision accuracy, testing each addition at every step. Each crew member has specific tasks to make sure that Aaron's show is the best ever at every venue. The sound equipment is the property of Aaron, but the lighting equipment is contracted at each venue.

Later in the afternoon Aaron and the band arrive to start sound check. Before the actual sound testing gets underway, each band member checks and rechecks his equipment. While this is going one, adjustments continue to be made on the lighting and sound equipment. Also, during this time, if the event is an outdoor show, such as a fair, the event staff is also busy at work....usually setting up chairs and helping the crew with whatever they need. (More often than not this year, I have gone to shows right after or during rain storms, so a lot track grading has taken place.)

Finally, Aaron comes out to sings several songs, pacing back and forth across the stage from one end to the other. Always listening and checking, Aaron and the guys make sure the sound and the lights are just right. Have ya ever noticed sometimes, when ya go to a show, the sound is too loud or garbled? I have never been to an Aaron Tippin concert where this has been the case, even when I've been pretty close to the speakers. These guys really know their job. You would not believe the effort that goes into setting up for a show, but you sure know the results.

After the usual dynamite Aaron Tippin show (Is there any other?), the crew is not finished, yet. While Aaron signs autographs and whatever else he needs to do, the crew is busy packing up for the next venue. The equipment is loaded exactly the same way after every show; each piece of equipment is then loaded on the trailer in exactly the same sequence. By the time Aaron finishes, the crew is just finishing up. Then, sometimes, it's back to the motel so the crew can get a well-deserved shower before they head out to the next venue....just to start all over again the next day.

Getting ready for a show is an all-day, well-coordinated project. So, when ya go to your next show, and think: WOW, WHAT A GREAT SHOW, you'll have some idea what goes into it. Way to go, guys!! Thanks!!


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October 02, 2000

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