Aaron Tippin Heads To Afghanistan To Play For Troops

With a new CD called "Stars and Stripes," there's only one place country singer Aaron Tippin
could go for Thanksgiving: on tour for the USO.

The country star will head to Afghanistan for a holiday tour.  As he left Nashville Friday, Tippin
said he hopes to bring a message of thanks to the troops on the front lines.

"By the time we're finished, we really want them to know that what they're doing is very appreciated. Plenty of us realize that what we saw here on 9/11, we don't want to see again," Tippin said.

If you'd like to send a message to the troops along with Aaron Tippin, call
1-866-963-4857. He'll play the messages of support to the soldiers before his concerts.

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Nov 23, 2002

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