Excerpt from Country Song Roundup, September 1991:
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artist 'The war in the Persian Gulf left many with memories of tearful goodbyes, lonely days and joyous reunions.  US soldiers and their families are also sure to remember the support they received from home -- from friends, relatives and yes, celebrities.  Although it's just a small sample, CSR wanted you to know what your "heroes" did for our country's heroes during Operation Dessert Storm to lift their morale and best of all, celebrate their homecoming.'

Aaron Tippin

'At a time when many would have been afraid to venture to the Persian Gulf, Aaron Tippin cared too much about the troops to worry about personal danger and went to Saudi Arabia to entertain them.  "It was the greatest honor I've ever had to go on that for those folks," he admits.  "But the biggest regret is that I didn't get to see every single soldier there.  They are so special in my eyes.  They're great people and they deserve so much more than we could give them in the time we had."'

Country Song Roundup ~ Sep 1991

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