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Osama Stalks These Woods

-- Aaron Tippin, joined 11 physically challenged hunters and comedian Jeff Foxworthy in the 2003 Buckmasters Classic Life Hunt in Alabama last week.

There were no hair-raising ghost stories around the campfire, but Tippin did share a few scary tales about what it was like in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Qatar on last fall's USO tour, reports the Birmingham News.

"They told me as soon as I got there that if I took one step off the airbase, that to some of the people in Pakistan I would be worth $50,000 dead and $100,000 alive," said Tippin.

"We were just 25 miles from what they called a hot zone.  You'd see Black Hawks and Apaches go tearing out of there and you knew they weren't going to play."

"It was the Muslims' holy month of Ramadan.  We could hear their chants all night long.  We were that close," Tippin explained to the hunters and guides gathered around him.

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Jan 27, 2003

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