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Tippin Detained In Qatar

-- Aaron Tippin, his band and crew have safely returned to the United States after entertaining troops on a Thanksgiving USO tour.

Tippin entertained troops stationed at Operation Enduring Freedom Forward Operating Bases, performing free shows, signing autographs and mingling with US troops in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Qatar.

After their last show, things got a little dicey.  Tippin and crew were detained in Qatar while trying to leave the country.  It seems Customs had no record of any of them entering the country and was none too happy about letting them leave without the proper paperwork.

Instead of being sent back to the military base, they were detained in a civilian hotel room for 24 hours.  They were finally released and flew home to the US -- arriving home almost two full days late.

"The further you go, the better the good old USA gets," observes Tippin.

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Dec 11, 2002

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