We Remember

Words cannot adequately describe how much it hurts to see our fellow firefighters and their families in New York and Washington D.C. suffering as a result of this cowardly action carried out by terrorists who have no value for human life.  We struggle to deal with mixed emotions ranging from sorrow to anger.

Even though this tragedy is physically miles from us, the emotional and spiritual hurt is right here at home.  Most people don't understand the camaraderie that all firefighters share; regardless of proximity, status as volunteer or career, or any other identity factor.

When we see mangled fire engines with compartment doors open and equipment removed, we know that our guys went inside to do their jobs and never came back to their engines, fellow workers, wives, husbands, daughters, and sons.

When we see ambulance doors standing open with the stretchers removed, we know that Paramedics and EMT's rushed inside to rescue and treat patients and never returned to their ambulance.

We see patrol cars crushed, and we know that law enforcement officers were there doing whatever they could to assist; just like they always do.

If you have ever been associated with a professional in any of these emergency services, you do understand the void and helpless feelings we feel.  I've already heard the remark "I wish I could have been there to help" from firefighters, EMS personnel, and police officers right here in our county.  What these people are saying is that they would have gladly made the same sacrifice as those who have fallen.  That's why America needs to know that there are a lot of special people in our cities, counties, states, and nation that so unselfishly dedicate their lives to public service.

We do that because of our love and honor for our nation, our people, and our freedom.

We know that all Americans feel the sorrow for everyone involved in these tragedies, and we can see the huge outpouring of support for the firefighters, rescue workers, law enforcement personnel, and their families.  This is what makes America the best place in the world to live.

Sure, we all have our differences.  But make no mistake, we are a united force when it comes to the defense and protection of our freedom and liberties that our forefathers have sacrificed their lives for.

Our foes have mistakenly taken action on a nation of undying determination to protect and honor our civil liberties.

The terrorist's disregard for life and principals that is so cherished by Americans will not be tolerated, and we feel confident that our leaders will take appropriate action to deal with such ignorant actions.

Sure, it hurts---but America is a strong country that may have been slapped in the face, but we're still standing, with tears in our eyes and determination in our hearts, stronger than ever, and we will fight for our country and what we believe in-don't forget it!!!

Chief Donny Green
DeKalb County Fire Department

To Those Who have Fallen---We Remember and Always Will.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless America!


Aaron Tippin sang his new song at the "DeKalb County Rallies for America."  Tippin told the crowd that all proceeds from the song will go to the American Red Cross in support of those who lost their lives in the attacks in New York and Washigton D.C. The rally featured song and prayer in response to the tragic events of September 11th.  The DeKalb County Fire Department, Smithville Fire Department, and Alexandria Fire Department, along with the Smithville/DeKalb Rescue Squad, DeKalb EMS, DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, Smithville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol, TWRA Officers, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, 911 Dispatchers, Smithville Dispatchers and local Constables, paid tribute to rescuers who lost their lives during the attacks.

We belong to the following organizations:
Tennessee Firemenís Association
Tennessee Fire Chiefís Association

DeKalb County Fire Department

P.O. Box 526
Smithville, Tennessee 37166
Email:  dekalbfd@dtccom.net
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Oct 01, 2001

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