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A Message from Aaron Tippin
Honorary Spokesman Tennessee Hunters for the Hungry

“The Tennessee Hunters for the Hungry Program brings together two of the greatest of Tennessee’s traditions – hunting and volunteering to help those in need. Deer hunters like myself enjoy the age-old tradition of hunting, and the closeness to nature the sport provides. We also enjoy dining on the delicious venison we harvest.

If each of us donate just a pound or two of our harvest to the Tennessee Hunters for the Hungry program, many of the hungry families right here in our own communities can have a more nutritious diet.

Join with me, and let’s make Tennessee’s Hunters for the Hungry program a showcase example of what’s right with hunters.”

Tennessee Hunters For The Hungry Program

Over 11% of Tennessee’s children and 19% of the elderly go to bed hungry.

Hunters for the Hungry is a cooperative program of the Tennessee Conservation League and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Through this program, hunters and meat processors fight hunger by providing properly prepared venison to food banks and soup kitchens across the state.

Donated venison provides hungry families a high-protein, low-fat supplement vital to a healthy diet. Also, venison donated to soup kitchens lowers food costs and puts more meat on the table at a critical time of year. As an example, donated venison allows the Nashville Union Mission to put meat on the table -- one meal in four -- at a time when many of their clients need the extra protein to keep warm while sleeping on the street.


Since the rebirth of the program in 1998, sportsmen have donated over 121,000 pounds of venison to help feed the hungry. This has helped hunger relief efforts feed 484,000 meals to the hungry.

Join Us in Taking Aim Against Hunger!

Hunters can take advantage of this year’s extra doe harvest, help to manage the state’s deer herd, and feed needy families by donating extra venison to Hunters for the Hungry.

Everyone Gives A Little to Accomplish a Lot!

Processors - Processors discount their fees for preparing animals donated to Hunters for the Hungry. Second Harvest Food Bank, Nashville Egg Company, and more than 30 soup kitchens or food banks cooperate in transporting meat from the processor to the distribution site.

People - Individuals, foundations, sportsmen and civic clubs as well as church groups donate money for processing to the Tennessee Conservation League for Hunters for the Hungry.

Public and Private Agencies - The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is an invaluable partner and promoter of Hunters for the Hungry. Headquarters staff and wildlife offers volunteer their time to promote the program. Thanks to the Wildlife Commission, the next time a hunter buys a license, they can make a voluntary contribution to Hunters for the Hungry.


A buck or a doe is really nice! This year (2003) TCL and the Hunters for the Hungry Working Group have made the decision to go exclusively with the Pound or Pack method until donations reach a point to where we can provide every processor at least 10 deer allocations.

We encourage every hunter to donate a pound or package of venison when picking up processed meat for your use. The number of participating processors, cooperating food banks and soup kitchens has been doubled this year to provide hunters more places to donate. If every hunter donated a pound, we would have 200,000 pounds of meat to feed the hungry in Tennessee and we can use every ounce.

How you can help.

Hunters - Donate extra venison – from a whole animal to a package of meat – and pay the discounted processing cost if possible.

$$Bucks$$ - Help target hunger, send a cash donation today!

Meat Processors - Call the Tennessee Conservation League to register, if you are willing to process a deer at a discounted rate and hold that meat for regular pickup by a local food bank.

Volunteers - Call the Tennessee Conservation League to host or sponsor a fundraising event. The need is tremendous and there is plenty of venison available – the limiting factor is money.


In addition to the good feeling you will have from helping families in need, all donors will receive a one-year complimentary membership to the Tennessee Conservation League.

For more information call Hunters for the Hungry’s Volunteer Managers:

Processing and Distribution
HFTH Program Coordinator, Mr. Mike Osman
(615) 353-1133

Tennessee Conservation League (615) 353-1133
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (615) 781-6541

Please make checks payable to: Tennessee Conservation League

Be sure to indicate on your check “Hunters for the Hungry Donation.” The Tennessee Conservation League is designated a 501©(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, donations for this and other League programs are tax deductible.

Mail to:   Tennessee Conservation League
300 Orlando Avenue, Ste. 200
Nashville, TN 37209

Please be sure to write "Hunters for the Hungry" in the memo line of your check.

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