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Sunday, 10/12/03

By The Way, We Drank The Wine After The Flight
Excerpt:  National TV Spotlight Is On Belmont

You people are so smart.

More than a dozen got the answer right to Friday's Brad trivia question: Which country singer flies airplanes and makes his own wine?

It is indeed Aaron Tippin, who owns several planes and lots of land and a municipal airport and some vineyards.

Aaron was kind enough to fly me around in an old-school two-seat open cockpit plane and then serve me some spicy white zinfandel kinda wine. (I'm sure I butchered the names/descriptions of both the plane and the wine, but you get the idea.)

A special shout out here to Aaron's faboo songwriting wife, Thea, who made some crazy Greek meatballs for dinner.

Aaron's an excellent pilot, but I went around all day beforehand predicting a terrible accident because I was afraid I would exceed the plane's weight limit.

Tennessean music writer Peter Cooper, always happy to quash my ego, came up with this headline should tragedy have struck:



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Saturday, 10/11/03
Excerpt:  The Brand-New New Year's Eve Headliner Is...

More than 15 of you got the right answer to my Brad trivia yesterday. Yes, the country singer who flies planes and makes wine is Aaron Tippin. More tomorrow.


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Friday, 10/10/03
Excerpt:  Hulk-Mania Might Run Wild On YOou

Quick Brad Trivia:  A country star took me flying in a small plane Wednesday and served wine he made himself afterward. Name that artist.

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Oct 12, 2003

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