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Sunday, 02/16/03

Behind the Head Shot

A South Carolina native, Aaron Tippin can fly a plane, ride a horse, work a farm, hunt and fish and change diapers. Besides kids, Aaron and his wife, Thea, are now creating songs together. Don't talk about his sensitive side too much: He's likely to pull something off the walls of his very manly hunter's store in Smith County.

Brad Schmitt, Staff Writer

Deserted-island discs:

1. The Early Years 1928-29, Jimmie Rodgers. He is the original King of Country Music. His music has been a huge influence on me.

2. The Complete Hank Williams, Hank Williams. He is one of my all-time heroes and is the one who turned me on to country music. I remember listening to him on an 8-track tape when everyone else was listening to rock 'n' roll.

3. Love Songs, Frank Sinatra. He is such a stylist. There is no question who is singing when you hear a Frank tune. His version of The Way You Look Tonight is mine and Thea's song. We had a big band play it at our reception. Good makin' love music can Thea be on the island with me?

4. Capitol Collector Series, Dean Martin. We crank Dean up on the bus and everybody loves it. It's great wine-drinkin' music. He was an under-appreciated super talent.

5. All-Time Greatest Hits, Glen Campbell. This is another one we play a lot on the bus. What an awesome voice! It just puts you in a good mood to listen to him.

Five things I can't live without:

1. The Weather Channel. A pilot's best friend. We fight for the remote because the boys want to watch cartoons and I want to watch The Weather Channel. I know all of the names of every reporter on there. I actually got to meet one of them once and you would have thought that I had met Elvis.

2. My recliner. I call it ''the man chair.'' Me and my two little boys all pile up in it and eat Popsicles together. It's got big stains all over it, and Thea is constantly trying to clean it.

3. Pinto beans. Anyone who knows me, knows that I eat pinto beans every day and have for years. They are my low-fat fuel.

4. Gold Toe socks. They are the only socks I'll wear. They all have to be exactly the same size, and I'll only wear white ones. It's about the only thing I am really particular about.

5. My Glock model 27 .40 caliber. My security system.

The three sexiest people alive:

1. My wife, Thea. She's beautiful.

2. My wife, Thea. She's sexy.

3. My wife, Thea. She'll kill me if I say anyone else.

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Feb 16, 2003

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