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Flyboy Celebration

-- Big doin's in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina this week.  The "First Flight Centennial Celebration" is underway, marking the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight, which took place in the shoreline area.

Entertaining during the six-day festival, which kicked off on Friday, are Aaron Tippin, The Beach Boys and The Temptations.

The celebration ends on Wednesday with a ceremony emceed by actor and aviator John Travolta.  Lee Greenwood will close the event by singing "God Bless the USA."


That's the ticket

-- Aaron Tippin's hunting and fishing supply store in Smithville, Tennessee, is the home of fishing lures, ammo, turkey-calls and now, a chance to win... or lose money.

Tippin's place is one of the first seven businesses in the state to have lottery machines installed.

The store is also known for it's tasty cornbread and beans. A big load of them babies -- and you won't need a duck-call.

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Dec 15, 2003

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