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September 04, 2003

Aaron Tippin at the Carmichael Center Friday

Aaron Tippin at the Carmichael Center Friday

By Darryn Simmons
Montgomery Advertiser

Country music star Aaron Tippin has said that one of his biggest musical influences is Hank Williams. Friday he will perform in the hometown of his idol as he does a show at the Carmichael Center.

With six gold albums and one platinum to his credit, Tippin has established himself as a major player on the country music scene.

From the small town of Travelers Rest, S.C., Tippin began singing as a child while working on the family farm bailing hay, running the combines and plowing the fields. Tippin developed some strong vocal chords by singing hard so that he could be heard over the engine of the tractor.

While attending high school in nearby Greer, S.C., Tippin looked to make his name in athletics playing football and running track, while pursuing a career in aviation like his father, a professional pilot.

Tippin, was a corporate and freelance pilot, who was confident he'd get a job with a major airline. Then the fuel shortage hit, and airlines start letting pilots go.

Tippin decided to pursue his dreams of being a musician. He moved to Nashville in 1986 and started seriously writing in hopes of getting a record deal.

His hard work paid off in 1990 when he signed a deal with RCA Records. He released six albums (five of original material and one greatest hits collection) with the label, all of which went gold or platinum, including "Stand for Something," "Read Between the Lines," "Call of the Wild," "Lookin' Back at Myself" and "Toolbox."

Some of his hits include "Kiss This" and "People Like Us."

He signed with Disney's Lyric Street Records in 1998.

Tippin's latest album, "Stars and Stripes" was released last year.

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Sep 04, 2003

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