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Nashville, TN...Lyric Street recording artist Aaron Tippin celebrated the 4th of July the American way—spending Independence Day performing for an audience of about 500,000 people at the Sylvan Theater in Washington, D.C.  "I have performed many memorable shows in my life, but to be performing in our nation's capital on July 4th is something I will never forget," exclaimed Tippin.

The security was extremely tight around the capital.  Tippin and crew arrived at Park Security at 10:00 am and then were escorted to Homeland Security.  While at Homeland Security, the tour bus and the semi-truck that carries the equipment were driven through huge x-ray machines.  Then they were all escorted to the Washington Monument by motorcycles.  The tight security measures required that Tippin and his crew stay on the Monument grounds until the fireworks were finished.—resulting in a total of 14 hours spent at the venue.

Tippin also took a special tour of the Washington Monument during his visit and walked down all 897 steps.  "Visiting the Washington Monument on Independence Day was absolutely incredible," he reports.   The show opened with the  United States Navy Band with Tippin following their performance.  The audience was a very diverse crowd but Tippin’s patriotic mega-hit “Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly” was appreciated by everyone.  "Although there were both country and non-country fans in the audience, I think everyone ended up having a great time," said Tippin.

Ward Stout, Aaron, Mark Johnson, and David Sloas visit the Washington Monument before the show.
Aaron admiring the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

WOW!  Every now and then, a picture says it all.  This is one of those pictures.
If you ever visit Washington, DC, this is one memorial you do not want to miss.  So emotional viewing all those names....

Fans showing their patriotism while waiting for the show.
Aaron taking a tour of the Washington Monument.
Aaron and the band performing on stage at the Sylvan Theater.
500,000 people gathered at the base of the Washington Monument for the show.
And the rockets red glare...
The bombs bursting in air...

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Jul 10, 2003

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