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Tippin Displays The Spirit Of Giving


Aaron TippinThe children and staff at L.B.J. & C. Headstart in Smithville hosted some special guests last Friday morning with a visit from Aaron, Thea, Teddy and Thomas Tippin. Toys were collected in a recent toy drive held by Tippin and his staff at Aaron Tippin Outdoors and a wrapped gift and stuffed animal were presented to the seventy-four children who attend the program.
"I want to thank everyone at the store who's helped pass the word around town and helped in collecting the presents for the kids,” Tippin said. “Barbara Poss, Robert (Smitty) Smith, Jeff Ferrell, Tammy Nalley, they're the ones responsible for making this possible, and a special thanks should go to all those who donated the toys, too."
In an interview with The Middle Tennessee Times, Tippin told the reason he wanted to help this special cause. "It's a big deal to me making sure that kids have plenty. My little slogan is 'I don't believe it's truly Christmas unless every child has a toy'. This is my way of helping,"
He explained that he became involved with the Toys for Tots Drive a few years ago. "I sing a song on stage at every show that I do and put a bicycle together. At the end of the song, I invite someone out that represents Toys for Tots and give the bike to them. It's giving toys around all over the country."
Tippin is no stranger to the giving spirit as he debuted his new single "Where the Stars & Stripes and the Eagle Fly" at DeKalb County's "Rallies for America" on September 18th. The proceeds from this recording are set to go to the survivors of the terrorist victims. "All the royalties that I normally receive off the song go to that. We've sold probably 400,000 records, and that's quite a donation."
When asked if he was looking forward to the upcoming holidays, Tippin said, "I get to be home for Christmas, I'm excited about that. And that's a big enough Christmas for me."
Mrs. Wanda Prichard from the Headstart program told The Times how wonderful they thought it was that Aaron Tippin was able to do this for them. "The children were all excited about having their pictures made with him, having him sign their school pictures, teddy bears and toys," said Mrs. Prichard.
She also reminds everyone that L.B.J. & C. Headstart will start taking applications for next year's enrollment in late January.

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Dec 25, 2001

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