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Aaron Tippin salutes Old Glory in new video

Aaron Tippin stands in front of a huge American flag - 30' X 60', to be exact. As the cameras roll and the flag waves, Aaron sings a new song, "Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly." It's a tune that was actually written two and a half years ago, and was slated to appear on his album People Like Us.

"For whatever reason, we just didn't cut it," says Aaron. "At that time I didn't know why. I do know now. This song was more God-sent than I thought."

Moved by the tragic images of the Sept. 11 attacks, Aaron wanted to do something as a musical response. So he rushed into the studio to record the patriotic song.

"Originally we were going to re-cut 'You've Got To Stand For Something,'" says Aaron of his 1990 Top 10 debut hit. "Then I remembered this song."

Aaron's team of musicians, engineers and producers worked around the clock to finish the single and rush it to radio. "In less than 48 hours, it was ready," he says. "Those guys worked triple overtime to get it done because they knew how important it was."

Proceeds from the song are being donated by Aaron's label, Lyric Street Records, to the Nashville area chapter of The American Red Cross disaster relief. The video crew also donated their time.

Aaron's career, interestingly, was launched under a banner of patriotism. "You've Got To Stand For Something," his first hit single, "took me to Saudi Arabia with Bob Hope to entertain the troops in the Gulf," he says. Aaron adds that he would be ready to go back "in a minute" to entertain American military personnel.

Recalling the first few times he performed the new song onstage, Aaron admits, "It was difficult. I'd start talking about it onstage and start crying. Boy, it gets to you, to see so many people so touched.

"I hope that this song is everybody's voice. And I hope it gives another rally song for our troops to get behind, because once again, we're giving them another tough job to do."

- Wendy Newcomer

Published on: November 13, 2001

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Nov 13, 2001

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