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November 09, 2000

Ovation has been Aaron Tippin’s instrument of choice for more than 13 years.

One of the industries hardest working singer/songwriters recently mined more gold and did so with the help of one of his favorite tools, his Ovation guitar. Aaron Tippin’s seventh album "People Like Us" not only went gold in less than 8 weeks but spawned the monster single "Kiss This" which hit the number 1 position in record time and is still in heavy rotation.

Success is no stranger to Tippin who has achieved both gold and number one status on several other occassions in a career that has yielded 7 albums and countless tours accommodating more that 1 million of his loyal fans per year.

It stands to reason that Aaron with his reputation as a working-man, would choose Ovation as his instrument of choice. Such has been the case for over 13 years. So much so that the legendary Connecticut made roundback guitar has become a bit of a trademark for Tippin. Most recently, Aaron puts his ’99 Collectors to work in the video for "Kiss This".

Ovation Guitars are manufactured and distributed by Kaman Music in Bloomfield CT.

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Nov 09, 2000

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