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October 3, 2000 Everybody stay tuned, we have Aaron Tippin coming up at 7 p.m ET and the boys of Ricochet chatting at 7:30 p.m. Send in your questions now! "Kiss This" is racing up the charts! The talented Aaron Tippin will be chatting at 7 p.m. ET. Send in your questions now! Aaron Tippin will be the CMT Showcase Artist for October! Different episodes will be telecast Fridays at 11:30 p.m ET and Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. ET And Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m (all times eastern) Aaron Tippin is definitely on a hot streak--his new album, "People Like Us" debuted at No. 5 on the country album charts. The album's first single "Kiss This" is a Top 5 hit and Tippin is in the spotlight throughout October as CMT's Showcase Artist. Send me some questions! Of Tippin's 13 music video's, three have scored No. 1 on the CMT charts including "That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You," "There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio" and "I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way." Aaron Tippin has entered the Chat Auditorium. Let's begin.

RickyJones How do you feel when you sing "Kiss This?" I know it makes me feel an incredible rush of adrenaline when I sing along!
Aaron: The same way. Exactly the same way.

MichaelandCathyBragg Aaron, did you drive the Peterbilt truck or was it a prop? I drove for 9 years--hat goes off to you for representing the working man and woman in your songs. Thanks for keeping me awake on the road for many miles.-Michael
Aaron: In the video "It Feels Like A Brand New Man," yes I drove that truck. I still have an CDL.

chrisandtanya Was your dream when you were growing up to be a country singer, or did you wnat to do something else?
Aaron: I started out as an airplane pilot, that was my first career. I had no idea I was going to be a country singer. The energy crunch changed that. When they no longer needed pilots, I needed to find something else to do for a living.

dadaniels In August you performed at Oshkosh, WI; I just really like to tell you how much I enjoyed the show. My question is when did you start doing the thing with bikes that you give to toys for tots?
Aaron: About 2 years ago. One of the band members came up with the idea and we started doing it, and now I don't think I'll ever be able to quit.

myblueangel First, congrats on the KISS THIS success! Question: Do you have any plans to do any more hunting seminars? The one I saw in PA in April was terrific. Since you are such a strong advocate of hunter and gun safety and education, I think you make a great spokesman that could have a positive impact on gun safety and hunting privileges issues. Remember, I want my grandkids to enjoy the same hunting privileges as my sons.
Aaron: First of all, thank you. That's wonderful and I would like to spend about half of my career giving seminars on hunting and gun safety. I hope my grandchildren will get to hunt too. We are chatting with Aaron Tippin, October CMT's October Showcase Artist. Check out Aaron's personal interviews on 'CMT Showcase' in October, which airs on Fridays at 11:30 p.m., Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. and Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. (all times Eastern)

SheriInOhio do you "really" wake up every morning and say "I love you"? It is now my hubby's ritual. Thank you :)
Aaron: (laugh, laugh, laugh) I would never wake Thea up that early. She would beat me.

atfan99 do you anticipate the fan club ever being reinstated??????
Aaron: Well I guess I'm not sure about that. The unfortunate thing if we did get to reinstate it is I'm afraid the same thing would happen again and I would have to lay people off. That's the most distasteful thing in my career, taking somebody's job.

Melissa_Lynn Aaron--What song hits home with you the most?
Aaron: The one by John Anderson, "I Wish I Could Have Been There." If you just listen to the song, I think it is self-explanatory. That song has personally touched me more than any other song I know of.

countrygirl601 how would you decribe your music?
Aaron: Solid Aaron Tippin. Very country. Ricochet will be in our Chat Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. ET, immediately following Aaron Tippin.

lrbrklarry Aaron-Do you have very many acres of tillable land on your farm and if so what do you farm on it?
Aaron: I have about 400 acres on my farm, most of it is wooded because I love to hunt, however, I do plant some row crops -- corn, soybeans, winter wheat and anything I think the wild animals will find tasty.

lwpowell What type of game do you hunt for these days? Have you ever hunted for big game out West?
Aaron: Right now it is Deer Bow Season in Tennessee. With this big hit record, I haven't even had time to get in the tree. I hope to get to go elk hunting next year.

drodeheaver I really enjoy ths song Kiss This! How long does it take for a song like that to make and get onto the radio?
Aaron: Well, it took from the time the idea was conceived til the time we heard it on the radio was almost a year and a half.

Aaron Tippin - People Like Us Aaron Tippin's new album, People Like Us, featuring the hit single "Kiss This," is available in our Music Store.

DanDipierro Aaron-I love the song with your wife,Thea, about your new baby! Are you going to record more songs with your wife?She has a great voice!
Aaron: I would love to record more songs with my wife, and if we can come up with the right idea, maybe we will get the chance to do it.

JoyceInIL Aaron has there ever been a song that you wanted to be released as a single that wasn't? If so which one? Thanks! Joyce Bentley
Aaron: There has been quite a few, but I always try to let everybody have a say so in that decision.

ranchman4k Aaron, How often do you work out? Whatever you do it pays off?
Aaron: About everyday we try to get in the gym and work out. Thank you.

SheriInOhio how has having thea & a new child in Aaron's life inspired his song-writing?
Aaron: I think all you have to do is listen to records of recent pass to see how much my family has influenced my music.

vickibentley I've been attending your concerts since I was 13(I am now 20). I have seen many fans give you gifts, of all the gifts you've received--what are some of the ones that stick out in your mind? And why?
Aaron: I have received a lot of gifts. There are some that might be more interesting than others, but all have a special meaning and I wouldn't place any one above the others.

atippnfan I love the album. How do you define success, and if you had advice to give someone about being successful what would that be?
Aaron: Defining success is I think happiness, it doesn't have anything to do with wealth, it has to do with how you feel in your heart about what you've accomplished. Ricochet will be in our Chat Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. ET, immediately following Aaron Tippin.

boots2kick Aaron, when you go to an award show like the CMA, do you get nervous?
Aaron: If I've got something I have to do like speaking or singing, oh yeah. It's just like the first time I'd ever done it.

JoyceInIL Is your gun store up and running in Dowelltown now?
Aaron: Yes. We are located on Hwy. 70, one mile west of Smithville, Tennessee.

vwolljun What has been the most embarrassing thing you have did on stage. Do you get nervous as we do?
Aaron: Played a show with my pants unzipped, on the first couple of songs. We have about 10 minutes left to chat with Aaron Tippin, CMT's October Showcase Artist.

VickiB Of all the songs you have co-written and written what is your personal favorite?
Aaron: A song called "You Are the Woman."

SheriInOhio Who was the inspiration for "29 & holding"? It makes me cry when I think of how tough times really can be for folks.
Aaron: Actually Mark Johnson brought that idea to me. It just seemed like such a great idea, I just don't know how we couldn't write it.

alkay Your music makes me smile no matter how bad the day seems to be going. Thanks. How do you keep yourself down to earth even with all of your success?
Aaron: Well, good example -- I'm out here hanging signs in front of my outdoors store so that I can be out here in reality.

Melissa_Lynn Aaron--At what age did you learn to play guitar?
Aaron: About 10 years old.

VickiB is there anything you would change about your career in music?
Aaron: Gee Whiz -- no, I think I would take the good and the bad just the way its been laid out. As the saying goes, if everybody laid there problems at the foot of the altar, by the end of the sermon they would go back and pick up their own problems.

Melissa_Lynn Aaron--What song did you have the most fun singing?
Aaron: Kiss This! Thanks to Aaron Tippin for joining us tonight.

Aaron Thanks to everybody, I appreciate your support on this record. It is wonderful to be out here making music and having everybody enjoy it. Good night.

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Oct 03, 2000

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