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NEWS - Aaron Tippin Releases 'People' 07/25/2000

(7/25/00, 1 p.m. ET) - Aaron Tippin releases his eighth album today (July 25), titled People Like Us. The new project features 11 songs, six of which were co-written by Tippin, including his current single, "Kiss This." Of all the albums Tippin has recorded during his career, People Like Us holds a special meaning for the singer.

"The most important thing on this album to me is how much of my family is involved in this album personally," he says. "My wife is a co-writer on the new single, 'Kiss This'--that's her at the end that says, 'See ya.' She sings with me--does a duet with me on the album. My little boy Teddy is on the tail end of 'Big Boy Toys'--you can hear his little voice--and the album cover is filled with pictures of me and my family, and that's what it is to me and that's what it will always be remembered as."

While Tippin hopes his fans enjoy the new album as much as he does, he's not concerned with whether the album is a huge seller. "You wanna say, 'Hey, it's great,' and 'Go buy one of these,' and I hope everybody does, but just in case it doesn't work out like that, I'll enjoy this one 'cause it means my family to me," he says.

"Kiss This" currently holds the Number 28 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

-- Margy Holland

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Jul 25, 2000

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