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Tippin holds Grand Opening

  A large crowd turned out for the Grand Opening of Aaron Tippin Firearms at their new location on Highway 70 in Smithville on Saturday, March 11.

  The store moved from its location on West Market Street in downtown Smithville because Tippin and his partner, Randy Caplinger, felt the new spot would increase visibility.

  Caplinger and Tippin opened their store about three years ago. Both are avid gun collectors and started the store as a hobby in order to trade guns better. The success of the business in the area turned into something bigger than they ever imagined it could be.

  Now, not only are they offering hunting supplies and firearms, but they have added fishing supplies as well.

  Best known for his hit single "There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio", Aaron and his wife, Thea, are raising their two-year old son, Teddy, in DeKalb County.

  Originally from South Carolina, Tippin needed to be close to Nashville but wanted something that reminded him of home. He explained that when he began seriously shopping around for a place to relocate, he discovered that the Liberty/Dry Creek area reminded him of where he grew up. "This is as close to home as I’m ever gonna get," he commented. He went on to say "Folks around here are nice and friendly."

  Tippin noted that his favorite hunting time, turkey season, is coming up soon and invites everyone out to the new location to check out all of the hunting and fishing supplies that they have available.

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Mar 31, 2000

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