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Live Fan Chat
Aaron Tippin
October 5, 1998 Aaron is on his way and can't wait to talk to you live here in the Chat Auditorium. Country great Aaron Tippin has just joined us and is ready to chat. Send in your questions!

email How does it feel now that your dream has come true in singing? Is it everything you expected it to be? -- Tina
Aaron Tina, I've come to find out that the hunt's the most fun.

email I think your songs are terrific. Who is your biggest influence musically? -- Dmjtigger
Aaron Hank Williams Sr. and Jimmie Rodgers.

email Aaron, "I Got It Honest" is my favorite song you have written even thou' I love them all. Will you and Mark Johnson be writing anymore songs together? -- Marilyn W.
Aaron If he can come up with another great idea like that.

kirk Hey Aaron we saw you in Jacksonville. How was the pressure of opening up for the likes of Tim McGraw and George Strait? You did a great job!
Aaron I couldn't carry them boys' luggage. I'm just thankful that I got a chance to perform with them. If you've just joined us, Aaron Tippin is with us live. He'd love to get your questions.

esther I was just wondering how many semis you own, and how often do you get to operate them? Do you still have that black Pete?
Aaron I only have one truck for over the road. I have several B-model macks in different configurations.

Aaron Tippin
Aaron Tippin

What This Country Needs

email Aaron, I'm a big fan of yours, however, I have not seen a new album of yours in awhile. Have I just missed it or do you have one coming out soon? -- Lisa Cox
Aaron The wait is over...Lisa, tomorrow is A-Day -- album release day. It's called What This Country Needs. Thanks for asking.

email The song "That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You"--has it ever touched home? Ever had a secret admirer? -- Craz774069
Aaron Yeah, but once they got to know me, they ran pretty quick.

esther Aaron, I love your new song, "For You I Will." It is my favorite song on the radio. Do you think there's really guys out there that are that sweet & tender-hearted?
Aaron We're all like that. We're just a little shy.

esther Where did you get your inspiration to write and perform "You Gotta Stand for Something"?
Aaron The idea came from Buddy Brock, the co-writer, and I think our fathers really inspired us to write. Want to catch Aaron Tippin in concert? Be sure to check out his concert schedule in the Tour area of Music.

email We rented a house on the lake near Smithville and went to see your gun shop. We were wondering if some of the scenes in your new video were shot in Smithville? Love the video!!!! -- Debbie
Aaron No, we didn't get to do many local shots in this video. But maybe next time we'll get to use the whole town.

leonardo Aaron, what are some of your favorite places to eat?
Aaron Nanny's in Smithville, Tenn.; Chili's; Brown's Diner; The Little Rebel; and, El Rodeo, a little Mexican restaurant in Smithville.

email Hi Aaron, your show you did in Russellville was the greatest. Now that you have achieved your dream, have you set any more goals for your career? -- Your #1 Russellville Fan, Rebecca Wilcutt
Aaron Just try to get this new album out and hope for many more years. Aaron's new album What This Country Needs hits the Musicstore tonight!

Shotgun Steve Kelly Aaron-I am a radio DJ in Jefferson City, Missouri. Are you coming to this area anytime soon? If so I'd love to meet you!
Aaron I don't think we've got anything on the books right now, but we played the fair there many years ago, and it should be about time to come back.

jetty123 Hi Aaron-- What is your favorite Opry memory, either performance or watching on TV?
Aaron I would say one of my recent favorites was seeing Johnny Paycheck play the Opry. And remember, I'm the biggest fan of the Opry anyway, so I always try and watch it.

ITS TOMMIE Aaron-What is the most outrageous, funniest thing a fan has ever done to you?????
Aaron The first time I ever played the Opry, I missed some lines in one of my songs. The next show I did out on the road, they had the lyrics written on a big poster board for me. Aaron Tippin is our special guest. You still have time to send in questions.

LLCoolBean Aaron, I heard you're a big guy! What is your key to physical success?
Aaron Wrong, I'm a little guy. I do work out, but I'm just an old man trying to keep up.

beachfront Who does the new baby look like? Have fun spoiling the baby?
Aaron Me, Me, Me, Me, Me.

maj Aaron, I know you get to meet thousands of fans every week, but is there any one fan that sticks out, one that you couldn't forget, even if you tried?
Aaron No, I think I've got too many great fans to single out one.

pke680 Aaron, how many years have you been singing professionally?
Aaron 18 years.

judip Aaron -- Meant to ask you when I saw you Saturday in WV Is Teddy starting to walk yet? He's so adorable, just like his Daddy.
Aaron No, but he's close. He's pulling up on everything and letting go, making about one step, and bam!

billshag Have you been contacted to do any songs for movies, and, if so, what movies? Are you interested in doing movies?
Aaron In the movie The Beverly Hillbillies, that's me singing "I'm So Lonesome, I Could Cry." Hank does it once, and I do it once. And, I sang on Fire Down Below with Mark Collie and Jeff Wood.

email Aaron, how do you come up with most of your song titles? Has real life experiences influenced some of your music? If so, what and when did it or who happen? -- Eva J. Kolberg, Lake Park, GA
Aaron Yes, that's where I find my best song titles -- in things that have happened in life. We're so honored that both Thea and Teddy are also here with us in the chat room. Catch Aaron tonight on TNN's Prime Time Country at 9 p.m.

email Aaron, if Teddy and Charla came to you and said that they wanted to be a singer just like you, would you discourage it? Why or why not? -- Mystie Dukes, Riverdale GA
Aaron Yes, I would discourage it, because I want them to stay home.

Iceman2 I was wondering if you carried over the strict diet and workout from your weight lifting days to your career when you're on the road?
Aaron My diet is on and off. When I find the need to get slim and trim, I buckle down and do it like I did in the old body building days. But, if I ain't got no showing off to do, I'll take a cheeseburger and fries, thank you. There's only a few minutes left for questions. Get them in now.

lylern Since you travel so much, what is the most memorable bumper sticker you've ever seen?
Aaron I guess one that sticks out in my mind is "If You Can Read This, You're Too Close."

CountryBumpkin2 Aaron, last year in TN I saw a semi trailer with your picture on it. Would you tell us about it and what it was for?
Aaron That's my truck, and you'll see it rolling up and down the highway every time we do a show. It carries all of the equipment.

ITS TOMMIE Aaron~This question is for Thea. Thea, what, in your own words, is Aaron's worst habit!?!
Thea He really doesn't have any bad habits, but, if I had to say one thing, it would be that he's messy. They call him the human tornado on the road. He can destroy a room quicker than anybody.

pke680 Aaron, what's the best thing about this business?
Aaron The fans!

beachfront How has your life changed since the baby arrived? Get much sleep?
Aaron That's exactly right, not much sleep.

Aaron Thanks to everybody for always standing by me. I'm glad to get the chance to be giving you some new music, and I hope I've got many more years of being with you guys. Thanks so much to Aaron Tippin for joining us tonight! Join us tomorrow evening for Gary Chapman and Shelly Mangrum!

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Oct 5, 1998

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