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On-line With Gary Chapman and Aaron Tippin
August 4, 1998

Hear a personal, online greeting from Aaron Tippin in this videoclip!
Read what Aaron says. Our weekly Tuesday night chat with Gary Chapman will begin in a sec. Gary's guest tonight is Aaron Tippin. Send in your questions for Gary and Aaron now! Gary Chapman and Aaron Tippin have just joined us!

Inky Aaron, what really got you interested in country music? What song means the most to you and why?
Aaron Tippin Hank Williams Sr. is what got me interested in country music. As for the song, there are too many great country songs to pick a favorite! Sorry, we had technical difficulties. Our chat with Aaron Tippin and Gary Chapman will resume momentarily.

1wadenut What are some of your favorite pastimes, when you get a chance?
Aaron and Gary We both fly, hopefully not into each other! We call ahead and make sure if one of us is flying the other one is down.

wadenut What is the most rewarding experience you have ever had related to your music?
Aaron Tippin For me it was going to Saudi Arabia to entertain the troops there; we went with Bob Hope.
Gary Chapman The best moments have been on stage at the Ryman for the Sam's Place series. They're all pretty much pure magic.

Marvis Gary, would you consider yourself a city boy or a country boy? Why?
Gary Chapman Yes. I'm a long way from an idiot; I mean, I can hail a cab! But I can milk a cow. Be sure to tune into Prime Time Country Monday through Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. Eastern on TNN.

Inky Hello Aaron! Is it true your wife is in one of your videos?
Aaron Tippin No, she isn't. She wants to know why too!

Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman

The Gift

babiedoll Hey Gary! I would like to know how you got in this business?
Gary Chapman I'm not sure. I started singing in church when I was 3, moved to Nashville when I was 19; and don't remember much since then.

Marvis Aaron, I heard you are a true outdoorsman. What do you like to do most in the outdoors?
Aaron Tippin I like game management; raising wild animals. It's my favorite.

clatter Gary: I saw your skit at the Nashville Sounds game, it was hilarious. Are you an owner of the team, or are you just a hometown supporter?
Gary Chapman I think the possibility of me owning a sports franchise should scare every true fan beyond their ability to buy a ticket. It would not be a good idea!

BettyBoop Aaron, I would like to know exactly where your gun shop is located?
Aaron Tippin The one in Smithville, Tennessee is located on the square in Smithville. 109 Market Street. Just ask anybody!

mammy Gary, if I'm not mistaking, wasn't the video for "Amazing Grace" on the Maverick soundtrack shot at your farm? What was it like meeting Mel and James?
Gary Chapman They were both exactly like I expected them to be; real gentlemen and a load of fun.

smooth Hey Aaron, just wanted to know if you could not play and sing country music what would you want to be?
Aaron Tippin A songwriter next; aviator next; heavy equipment operator; welder; housewife. Be sure to watch Prime Time Country tonight as Aaron Tippin appears and sings "For You I Will" and "My Blue Angel."

cameron Gary, will your new sidekick, Nan, get to host the show when you are away?
Gary Chapman No, we'll continue to have guest hosts and she will kick their sides!

scarlet Hi Aaron, I was wondering if having your baby has given you any thoughts of retiring from the music business?
Aaron Tippin To be honest, yes, it sure has made me think about it. I have one that's 20 that I didn't get to see much of.

bls Gary, my question is how in the world did TNN find a man so CRAZY!?
Gary Chapman I was right here all the time!

  It's fun time with the snacks in the chat room!
1wadenut Aaron, got to say I love your music and the fact that you keep it traditional. Do you think this has affected your airplay on radio these days?
Aaron Tippin I almost feel like it's a blessing again; it goes like a pendulum swings.

babiedoll Gary, is there a chance that you may showcase more Christian Country Music artists on your nightly stage?
Gary Chapman We regularly have them on and will continue to do so.

GJFN Aaron, what is your favorite place to just get away from everything?
Aaron Tippin The farm, farm, farm, farm...

kersh Gary, how was Garth Brooks when you had him on your show?
Gary Chapman He was great fun, really was. The chemistry between him and Trisha Yearwood is pretty amazing. I just stayed out of their way. There are only a few minutes remaining--get your questions in now.

wilson Aaron do you participate in any firearm celebrity shoots?
Aaron Tippin Yes, with Fred Thompson, Louise Mandrell. Always looking for a new one! Gary gets celebrities to shoot at every day!

griswold Gary, have you ever considered releasing a CD containing the gospel songs which you sing with your guests on PTC?
Gary Chapman We have; I would expect that to happen.

Aaron Tippin
Aaron Tippin

The Essential Aaron Tippin

babiedoll Aaron, were you in Charlie Daniels video, "Texas"?
Aaron Tippin Nope.

cameron Gary, I like your sidekick and your new toy, get the remote control back!
Gary Chapman Thanks, Nan is great. I'm not sure how much future my toy has, I have some ideas about placing it in an elevator with a hidden camera that I think would be very very funny.

netbabe Aaron, when can we start looking forward to seeing a new video on CMT?
Aaron Tippin Maybe within a couple of weeks; we're shooting it this week for "For You I Will." Thanks for coming to our Chat Auditorium for this live chat with Gary Chapman and Aaron Tippin. Remember Aaron will be joining Gary on Prime Time Country at 9 p.m. ET.

Aaron Tippin Thanks to everyone out there chatting right now. And thanks to all you others too!

Gary Chapman Don't miss the show tonight; Aaron was great. Talk to you soon; don't be a stranger! Be sure to join us every Tuesday evening for Gary Chapman and Friends On-Line right here in the Chat Auditorium! Good night!

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Aug 4, 1998

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