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Aaron Tippin

On the radio you're likely to hear one of Aaron Tippin's hit songs - he's had six top ten singles!  On the TV you can see his five No. 1 videos.  On the stage he thrills audiences across the nation.

But his favorite place to be is in the woods.  Aaron hunted a lot as a boy growing up in the mountains of South Carolina.  But he's had to put his outdoor interests aside to pursue his singing career.  Success has allowed him to heed the Call of the Wild (the title of one of his gold records!) and take more time to enjoy the outdoors.

He loves to share his love of the outdoors with kids.  Recently he had a contest at his firearms store in Smithville, TN.  The lucky winner was an 11 year old boy who joined Aaron for a hunt on his farm!  What a great way to spend the day.

Aaron says his father taught him to handle firearms safely, and he stresses that all outdoorkids should always follow the safety rules.  He hopes kids really pay attention in hunter safety courses and that they always remember what they have learned when they are in the field.

Being an entertainer is fun but it is also lots of hard work.  Aaron rarely has time to be alone, and his day is filled with exciting sights and sounds.  Hunting and the outdoors let Aaron have some peaceful time.  There are times he just likes to go to the woods and sit quietly thinking!  He might even come up with his next hit song there.

It must work wonders.  Look at this list of great albums:  You've Got To Stand For Something, Read Between The Lines, Call Of The Wild, and Tool Box.  So next time you hear one of his super songs, you'll know he is also a super outdoorsman!

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