Aaron Tippin
Men's Exercise Excerpts ~ Dec 1992

'You're not challenging anyone else but yourself.' ~ Aaron Tippin

'Celebrity Profile:  Aaron Tippin:
Country Music and Bodybuilding Star'
Men's Exercise, Dec 1992
Article Credits:  Tyler Cox

At one time a competitive bodybuilder, Aaron Tippin learned the value of determination and tough initiative in the gym -- a strong personal trait that the performer from South Carolina now utilizes to stay at the top of the country music charts.

"I've found through bodybuilding that there's virtually nothing I can't do if I put my mind to it.  I've seen my body change from 140 lbs. to 170.  It took seven years, but it just shows that endurance if probably the most important thing in life.  It's all about stayin' out there.  You know, comin' to the gym, even on a bad day."

Tippin now trains with his bass player, Mark Johnson.  He follows a routine from a California company, Serious Growth, that uses a constant change approach.  He exercises four bodyparts a day, doing four or five exercises per bodypart.

"I do chest, back, biceps and calves on Day One," he said.  "That probably entails 8-10 reps for five sets each.  The next day is for legs, delts, abdominals and triceps.  Then I switch the order for two more.  That way, I hit every bodypart three times a week.  In the summer months, when I may get down to a pair of shorts and tank top, I train with higher reps."

"I'm reluctant to give exact specifics on my routine 'cause next week I might come in here and say, 'Nah, I don't like that; I'll do this exercise instead.' Or if one starts feelin' too easy, it's outta here!  When exercises becond second nature, they're no longer effective and need to be withdrawn.  They go into a file, and somewhere six months down the road, I jerk 'em out again." That statement echoes one of Tippin's most important training tips:  don't let your body get too used to any one routine.  "Your body is a smart little machine," he said.  "As soon as it figures out the shortest, cheapest way to do something, that's what it's gonna do  the easy way out.  And as soon as it figures your routine, you've gotta change it.  You've gotta give it a new trick!  Disturb it; go do something different.  That's the most important thing you can do."

Aaron Tippin says he likes to work out because it makes him look good on stage and builds his self-esteem.  What's more, he claims the fit image appeals to record labels.  "I think record labels are looking for artists with longetivity," he explained.  "And when they see somebody who's overweight, drinks, smokes, and has every kind of bad habit in the world, they say, 'We may not get our investment back.'  But if they see somebody with a good physique, someone who takes time out of his day to work out, they believe that person's going to be here a while, even if it's going to be a hindrance at times.  The odds are on his side.  And I think that's attractive to them."

"Bodybuilding taught me to stick with things.  That's what you gotta do, man, just keep at it.  Keep poundin' it, you know what I mean?  I found out from bodybuilding that things happen when you stick with 'em!"

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