Aaron Tippin
Executive Inn, Paducah, KY
05 Nov 1994

Aaron Tippin, Country Music Concert, Executive Inn, Padacuh, KY
Aaron Tippin, Country Music Concert, Executive Inn, Paducah, KY

I thought you might enjoy these photos from 1994.  I'm sure you will remember the American flag in Aaron's shows back then.  As you can see, American pride and patriotism have always been a part of Aaron's shows.

Please note:  The photo on the left was sold on eBay about a year ago by an individual that had no right to sell that photo.  I took both photos in Paducah, KY in 1994, and I have the negatives.  I know a couple of the photos were sold before I could contact eBay.  I made a promise to Aaron several years ago that I would not profit from anything I used on my website; I have kept that promise.  If you purchased the photo on the left and would like to use it on your website, please contact me before you use it.

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