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Please Note:  You can still only vote once every 2 weeks.

Choose the Christmas Song you like best from Aaron's new CD, A December To Remember.  I was limited to a choice of 10, so I omitted the traditional songs:  'Silent Night' and 'Away In The Manager.'  Even thought I know these have always been Christmas favorites, I decided to include the others, especially the songs written by Aaron and Thea.  Enjoy.

Song clips from Aaron's current CD, People Like Us, are available on his record label site, Lyric Street Records.  To listen to these song clips:  Click here.  When I go to shows, I will pass your voting results and comments on to Aaron and Billy.

Please Note:  The current single, 'Always Was,' continues to climb the charts.  Make sure you call your radio stations to request the current single, 'Always Was.'  We can make a difference!

People Like Us CD
Which song from 'People Like Us' would you like released as the next single?


Aaron Tippin Videos
What is your favorite Aaron Tippin video?

Yahoo!  I was able to relocate the video clips for Aaron's videos.  Hopefully, even though country.com (CMT) has revamped their site, the clips will remain available.  Make sure you check them out.  Aaron's music is the best; there is no equal.

To view clips of Aaron's videos:  Click here.

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May 14, 2001

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