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Since FreePolls has revamped their site, I've decided to go with three polls:  Favorite CD, Favorite Video and Favorite Song (Current CD).

Sometimes, it's hard to believe that Aaron has released 13 CDs in the past twelve years.  It seems like only yesterday that I was listening to 'My Blue Angel.'  Time does fly!  Over the course of time, Aaron's music has evolved and grown with Aaron.  Which CD do you prefer?  Vote on the Favorite CD Poll to let us know.

Over the last twelve years, Aaron has released 17 videos.  To view several video clips, click here:  Video Clips.  I couldn't include all Aaron's videos in the Favorite Video Poll; I'm limited to 10 choices.  Therefore, the first 9 videos listed are those that went the highest on the charts; the 10th choice is available if your favorite video is not listed.  In the 10th choice, delete the word OTHER; then type in your favorite video.
Caution:  If you are choosing OTHER, do not hit the submit button until you've typed in your choice.

The final poll, Favorite Song, is from Aaron's current CD, Stars & Stripes.  This poll will change with the release of a new CD.  Again, I could only choose 10 songs, so I omitted the current release songs, 'If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me' and the previous release 'I'll Love Over Money.'  I decided to include 'Where The Stars And The Stripes And The Eagle Fly,' even though it was the first single release because it has been so relevent to what's happening with our nation now.

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Sep 17, 2002

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