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In Remembrance Of 11 September 2001

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The 9/11 Online Memorial Quilt
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What is the quilt? Welcome to the 9-11 Memorial Quilt.

We are building a tribute to all the people lost in the attacks of September 11, 2001 - those we knew, those we didn't, and those we would aspire to be. This quilt is an expression of sorrow & remembrance, and we'd like you to become a part of it. Just give us your name, your message, and the place you call home. We will combine your information with the work of our fine artists to create a one-of-a-kind patch. Your patch will be added to the quilt, building a unique website which will stand as a testament to our strength, our unity, and our commitment to freedom.

quilt view
To view your quilt patch, go to:

9/11 Online Memorial Quilt Page.

Enter the patch ID per email from 911memorialquilt.com in the space provided.

To make and add your own patch, click here
To view the quilt, click here
We are honored to host this monumental online memorial, and we thank you for your participation.

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Sep 04, 2002

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